Writing Viral Content

Do you know how to get more traffic to your blog? Viral content is the best way tograb attention and get more readers to your website. If an article is said to be went viral, it means that it got many shares and lot of traffic. The source of traffic may be any social networks or search engines like Google. Viral content might not always get hits as you expect.

This is something that people always talk about, for example “making money online”, “100 ways to blog better” and so on. To write viral blogs, you need to be very smart and a little tricky. This actually depends on your writing skills as well as your blogging strategy.Through this blog, I am going to suggest some points that may help you for creating viral content.

Keep yourself updated with trends

This is very important in creating an identity among bloggers. So, always try to blog about an ongoing latest topic. You can search for latest topics in social networks, other websites, forums, other bloggers etc. Select the topic that is relevant to your blog and start writing viral content. Twitter trend or Google trend can be used to find out the hot topics. Make sure to keep your eye on these trends for getting an extra pound of traffic from search engines.


While selecting a topic, remember that the readers are not a person without any idea on that topic. So, do a thorough research on that topic you are about to blog. Only if you are having strong knowledge base on the blogging topic you can become viral content writer. Without providing correct and informative content, your readers won’t share your blog.

Write for readers, not for search engines

I have read in my initial stages of blogging that one should blog what others think, not what bloggers think. So, blog topics those are worth to your readers inorder create viral content. It is actually your readers who are going to make your blog viral by sharing it to others. Readers are smart enough to share those content only which they are really interested.

Blog Reputation

The reputation of your blog plays a vital role in creating viral content. It is very difficult to get good traffic to a blog if it is recognized by no one. The way you respond to commenters, treat your readers etc do play vital role in building an online reputation and identity to your blog.

Make it interesting

Always remember that people may leave a viral blog without reading it. Inorder to avoid this, you have to grab the heart of your audience. So, try to provide a cool presentation with pretty images and videos. This makes your blog fun and interesting to read. People will definitely identify your blog and they even don’t leave it without sharing it.

Note: Don’t expect the result from the first day itself. Be patient and gradually you will find yourself on the first page of search engines.


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