If you have been maintaining with the updates to Google over the recent years, then you will find yourself thinking that links aren’t as vital as they once were. In fact, a number of on-line forums and blogs believe that links aren’t vital at all, and nor is SEO marketing. However, these believes are mistake. It’s necessary to know the reality regarding links, accepting the myths floating around the web can be enough to destroy your website ranking.

When the idea of SEO first began, websites were able to rank high simply by gathering as many links as possible, that led to a good deal of “black hat” behavior. It is important for you to get thousands of links, if you want your website to rank high quickly.

However, Google quickly decided to crack down on this, and other shady practices with a series of updates. Link farms were affected, along other negative links from article directories, causing a significant drawback in the SEO world. Some websites began to over-react, concluding that links were currently unimportant in on-line marketing.why links are important in search engine optimization11

Useful Linking Practices

As it stands today, some links are comparatively neutral, whereas others are downright harmful. It’s necessary to remember either method though, that quality links are just as crucial as they ever were. There are a number of important factors to consider when you’re assessing the value of your potential links:

  • Authority Sites:

    High traffic websites, and those with awesome PR can always offer great links, though the website is totally categorized as being in your “niche”, most sites that are general, or news-related, will offer a very valuable link.

  • Relevance:

    Always seek for links from website that are relevant to your specific website. With the hummingbird algorithm, Google has grown more accustomed to grouping keywords together, that means your website gains a much higher status for more relevant connections.

  • Guest Blogging:

    Links obtained through guest blogging are neither essentially good nor bad – it simply depends on the blog in question. Guest blogging on high-traffic web blogs are often unbelievably helpful, whereas association with spammy or irrelevant blogs is something you must definitely avoid.

  • Content Marketing:

    This is by far the most valuable technique of gaining links in 2015. Essentially – it’s the most white-hat form of link building you can access, as you’re not directly building any links yourself. Instead, you create the compelling content that people link naturally – because they require to.why links are important in search engine optimization12

  • Diversity:

    Search engines prefer to see you get a wide variety of links. It’s an indication of trust, and websites that don’t have a natural “link profile” are often red-flagged by search engines.

In conclusion, it’s fair to mention that links remain a very important part of the process for ranking on search engine pages. This is often likely to remain the case for the predictable future. Just remember that Google is watching all of your online marketing practices very carefully, which suggests that you’re going to have to be more strategic than ever before.


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