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We know that e-commerce is the process of buying and selling of products and services by customers or businesses over the World Wide Web. People use the term “e-commerce” or “online shopping” to describe the method of searching for. And choosing product in online catalogs and then “checking out” using a credit card and encrypted payment processing. Internet sales are increasing quickly as customers take advantage of the following:

  • Lower costs offered by vendors operating with fewer margins than a bricks and mortar store.why feedbacks are essential in e-commerce website11
  • Greater convenience of getting a product delivered rather than the cost of time and transport and parking of getting to a store.
  • Getting products more cheaply from vendors.
  • The great variety and inventory offered by online stores.
  • Comparison engines that compare and suggest product.
  • Auction sites, where they did for product.

There are various approaches that can be created while you’re designing the e-commerce website. But there are few features that need to be followed while you design the website. These are some absolutely important features that are essential for best shopper’s experience.

The online business is the most important businesses where users only get to examine the image or pictures taken from various angles of the products but can’t experience them. So the user won’t be able to trust the website immediately. They require some valuable source to trust the website.

So if you want to take the trust of the user, take advantage of the customers who used your e-commerce website and acquired something. Rating is the best way to make the users trust your website. Rating is a simple way to accumulate product information from the customers and their familiarity with it.


Ratings can be in the form of standard metaphors like star. You can even have thumb up/thumbs down. Don’t create anything that irritates the users. Your ranking design throughout e-commerce website development should be done in such a way that your customers will provide rating with one click and then proceed further. Regardless of this you can boost your customers by giving a description of each grade like great, first-class and unhappy.



Ranking instruction has to be in correct language like ‘Rate the product or services’. When you enter the ranking of a website, show that the ranking is completed by a color distinction for the convenience of the client.


Reviews are the core of internet trading of the e-commerce website so throughout e-commerce website development always develop reviews with ranking facilities. This apparently displays how a particular review is important and offers an enduring result of the product – affirmative or contradictory – as well as assists in lessening negative concepts. Furthermore, ranking on products will boost other customers to provide a rating and articulate their truthful idea regarding the product.

Benefits of Feedbackwhy feedbacks are essential in e-commerce website12
  • They give a confidence to the client to use online purchase and it helps in high conversion rate.
  • One of the impressive benefits of rankings and reviews is that your customers are telling you everything you need to understand, how they appear regarding your emblem; what they like and disapprove about your product; and how you can improve their general shopping experience.
  • Ratings and reviews give your products rank higher and draw more traffic to your website.
  • One time customers take the time to sit down and write a review. It’s expected that they’ll seem a stronger sense of commitment to your brand.

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