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How long are your blog posts? Surprised? Many debates are going on based on the length of a blog post. Some people write long, novel-like blogs, while some others stick on to shorter blogs. Many bloggers post blogs which can be read in 1 or 2 minutes.A blog is a sharing or an informative piece; yes, some people have personal blogs also.

Previously, blogs were meant short write-ups, where as if it is a long one, would publish as a series. In case of experienced bloggers with stale audience, they may write long posts. But if you are a fresher in ‘blogging industry’, you have to think a while before start blogging.

Web India Solutions

Today, we can see a number of audiences for a blogger who publishes short blog posts. First of all, a blogger should identify who all are his readers. There are meticulous readers as well as skimmers. Skimmers just go through the blog in a minute or some seconds. They skip sentences or even paragraphs, whereas there are also readers who read patiently the whole blog, taking enough time. Inorder to maintain their blog traffic, bloggers must post relevant as well as latest content. This will help to keep the interest of their visitors.Do you know why I prefer short blogs? Actually, those are very easy to write and finish. Only a good blogger can write short blogs, choosing the right words. A single line can convey enough idea, right? By writing relevant topics in a powerful manner, a blog becomes more efficient and information rich, not keyword stuffed. So, what Web India Solutions say is, short blogs are easy to deliver and digest.

Now, you may have understood the importance of short blogging. What should be the size of a blog? Micro blogs resemble SMS- about 140 characters for a blog. However, short blogs can have up to 250 words to 500 words.

Anyway, the importance should be given for quality content. A well informative blog will encourages people come back to your site, again and again. Put anything in your post that offers your audience some interesting stuff. Instead of making your blog messy, let it be more artistic. You will see something amazing!!


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