Visual Designing

Website designing face with the challenge of studying the easy steps to design for visually impaired internet users. Being a professional website designer, you might be struggling your best to make your website user friendly. But, we have to take under consideration, those belonging to a minority for whom normal designers often fail to offer a user-friendly website.Like others, visually impaired persons need to browse the internet for information gathering, working online and getting updates about worldly matters. So, first you need to be aware of visual impairments. There are people with several visual impairments like:

• Color blind

• Partially blind

• Completely blind

• Dyslexic or suffer from properly read or understand text

• Unable to read small text

• Deterioration of sight

If a website is designed without following the proper coding practices, people with visual difficulties can encounter with problems. If you have used a simple language to create a website, then it may create difficulty for them while used in alternate browsers. Also, such languages cannot provide an ease of access in alternate browsers.

Standard HTML Syntax

To prevent the occurrence of errors appearing in the source code, use standard HTML syntax to validate the website’s code. The website should contain enough space for the text to be enlarged by surfers inorder to read without congestion. The borders of website should be not too close that prohibits users to use in alternate browsers.

The size of layout should be large and should support font sizes from 10 to 16 points. Upgrade the text size inorder to make it clear and readable. Creating keyword shortcuts is another way to reduce the visually impaired users’ difficulty in seeing cursor. So, implementing shortcut options that are easy to remember will be more convenient for them.

Providing adequate color contrast for text and background can facilitate a lot for easy reading in case of color-blind people. There are many sites that provide tests to evaluate whether your website is readable by color blind people. So, ensure your website’s readability by conducting these tests.

It is not easy to design a website that is user friendly to the visually impaired, but using these tips to design for visually impaired users will get the job done. Many website development companies in India have professional designers offering unique web solutions to people. So, these are the tips to website designers from Web India Solutions, Kerala.


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