Google’s core business might be advertising, search and android, but it doesn’t meanthat the company is not going anything far beyond that. The Google branded self driving cars, Google glass, and Google fiber for high speed internet are examples of google expanding their reach to unpredictable areas   What’s next for Google?? The answer to that can be robotics, android driven robot. As per the sources google has brought another artificial intelligence company named Deep Mind technologies for around $400 million. What is google aiming at? With the help of scientist from deep mind google is expecting to build products that mimic activity of our neurons. So whatever futuristic technology they are coming out with, one thing is for sure, it will be able to recognize sound patterns, image s and imperative data.

As of now the latest news is that the scientists at DeepMind are developing robotic devices and software that can recognize human speech and face. Looks like they are busy developing a brain, which in near future will help google in building computer which think like human beings. Well the recent products of google underline this, the google glass the future of hand free computing

Inside stories from google says that they intent to come out with futuristic products, some even sound like as if it’s taken from science-fictions.Hope they come up with a time machine.

What is in it for google in acquiring so many AI companies, well if you agree with it or not I believe google is trying to monopolize the intelligent minds to bring all the best under the roof.  Smart move google .

Acquisition of DeepMind is just another add-on to the Google. Last half of 2013 witnessed google’s acquisitions of eight robotics companies, including BOSTON DYNAMICS yes the same company which develops animal like robots. Boston Dynamics has already developed human like robot which can go through rough terrain. .Artificial intelligence is definitely google’s big step, driverless cars and house hold robots whatever it is  Google might not sell it in open market; but on the other hand they might create platforms for other companies to follow them. Either way google is sure certain to make profit from it.

What’s NEXT? Is Google planning to build robot soldiers?

Google’s expansion to robotics has raised this new question; is google really planning to build robots with android technology running in them and replace human beings?. But make o mistake the google robots are on their way. Who are we to say no after all we are talking about google.


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