Good SEO

Long back, SEO just meant altering the website’s meta tags, optimizing content and HTML headings, creating robots.txt file and generating the sitemap.

But , now it has come to a whole new level from there….

…and this is the year 2016.

Now a good SEO Analyst, in now focussed on the website’s user interface (UI) along with user experience (UX). Particularly, if he or she handling a E-commerce website. Everybody wants to beat their competition and is focused on working new tricks and tweaks of ranking ahead using SEO.

So, lets brief up some points that good SEO should do or is capable of:

  • Monitoringanalysing and reporting website for errors, code issues and visitors.
  • Providing and implementing relevant changes to website design to enhance visitor count, interface and experience.
  • Implementing and planning a marketing campaign for brand awareness, in case of new or start up businesses.
  • Awareness of latest trends and tools used in SEO Campaigns.
  • Networking through social media networks (including Google My Business)  and social media engagement of the brand or business.
  • Follow-up with clients and their user visits in their website.

Conclusively, a good SEO must be work in tandem with the Website Developer or Designer, in order to get the better of the website and improve its presence.


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