zforce touch screen

We all are familiar with different touch screen devices. Touch screen is used in many electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computer screens etc. But have you heard about zForce Touch Screen Technology? zForce touch technology is that the Company’s innovative optical 2d touch technology. It offers variety of major benefits compared with traditional touch technologies, like resistive or capacitive.

With zForce technology, any kind of screen or display is often used. In fact, zForce technology works with any surface – flat, spherical or the other shape. Another advantage is that any kind of object can be used – a finger or a stylus, fingernails, a car key, ordinary pens and gloves.

zForce Technology

zForce technology consists of a group of infrared emitters and detectors, an optical light guide, control software and control electronics. The emitters pulse infrared light just above the touch surface. Moreover A change in detected light represents an object touch. By combining these measured values from more than one detector. Also The object size and touch position can be calculated. zForce technologies are often used to determine actions like sweeps and gestures.what-is-zforce-touch-screen-technology11

Neonode has patented and commercialized the zForce touch technology; that was designed to overcome many of the restrictions of today’s touch screens. The Company’s approach entails the projection of an infrared grid across an electronic display. As users swipe, tap, or write on the screen, zForce identifies the location of the touch based on the interruption in infrared light projected across the screen that interprets to coordinates on the grid. The zForce architecture and input technique is believed to be distinctive to Neonode.

With zForce technology enabled touch screens you enjoy complete freedom of design. As there’s no demand for glass or plastic film overlays on top of the display screen. The result is a 100% optical transparency with improved image quality and reduced glare.

Neonode overcomes limitations of both capacitive and resistive screens with the zForce technology. Making a next-generation touch surface that the company believes will be more economical as well as higher performing than either of the most technologies in use these days. Currently, projected-capacitance touch screens represent the mainstream technology for multi-touch interfaces. However, zForce also allows the convenient multi-touch features of capacitive screens but at the cost structure of more cost-effective resistive technologies.

Now let us see some of the benefits of zForce touch screen technology:
  • 100% light transmission.
  • Long service life.
  • Can be changed to any size without losing resolution.
  • High chemical, breakage, scratch, and liquid resistance.
  • Touch is often activated by anything including gloved hand, stylus, or finger.

zForce technology includes a touch resolution of 250 DPI that allows precision writing with thin objects like a pen or a stylus. zForce technology is created for operating temperatures starting from -40°C to +85°C that allows usage in terribly harsh environments. The control software includes other functions such as advanced algorithms; that calibrate the system by adjusting the ability to the emitters.

Compensations are created for dust and other tiny particles on the surface as well as for variation in ambient light conditions and component quality. Calibration is carried out continuously throughout normal operation and no additional standardization is required.


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