Smart Glass

Do you know what a smart glass is? Smart glass is also called switchable windows or smart windows. It is a new app that turns your tablet or phone into another screen for your TV. A companion feature for a show, another controller for a game, a distant management for the web and more. More significantly, it will work with iOS, android and Windows. So you will not need to get new hardware to suit into its ecosystem.

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are wearable devices that show real-time info directly in front of users’ field of vision by using Augmented Reality (AR) techniques. Generally, they’ll also perform more advanced tasks; run some applications, and support web connectivity. Head-worn displays (HWD) have recently gained important attention. Especially because of the release of a temporary version of Google Glass. Moreover, the anticipation of the industrial launch of Google Glass1 in the upcoming months. And also the fresh news increased the recognition of such devices even further.what is the use of smart glass12


Before presenting how users will interact with smart glasses, it’s worth mentioning the main aspects that need to be taken under consideration during the design process of such techniques. By considering the technical characteristics, a gesture recognition system used for HWD should ideally be very accurate, i.e. insensitive to daylight, ready to distinguish fine shape based gestures, consume low power, as tiny as possible, and be robust in noisy and cluttered surroundings that are typical conditions in everyday life situations.

Two different classes of interaction methods may be distinguished for smart glasses: free form and others. The former includes for example wink detection, eye tracking, voice commands, and gestures performed with hands or fingers. On the other hand, the latter includes for example the utilization of hand-held devices, e.g. joysticks, point-and-click controllers, one-hand keyboards and smart watches, or smartphones to manage the HWD.

Now the main features of smart glass are:
  • Our devices work along intelligently for a new entertainment experience.what is the use of smart glass11
  • Control and move along with your favorite music, TV shows, games, and movies.
  • Enjoy new content and rich interactive experiences related to what you are watching on your TV at the instant.
  • Play Xbox 360 games in a very new method using your Windows 8 device as a second screen only for you.
  • Effortlessly shift your viewing of purchased films and TV shows between your Windows 8 device and your Xbox 360 console.
  • With Xbox LIVE Gold membership, you’ll be able to manage your web browser on your Xbox 360: scroll, navigate, pinch-and-zoom.
  • With Xbox LIVE Gold membership, manage your account, redeem codes, type a web site into your browser—all with simple text-input from your Windows 8 device.
  • Get rich, immersive details and experiences, in real time, for select TV, games, and movies on your Xbox 360.

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