Ambient Video

Do you know what an ambient video background is? It is an emerging design trend that’s capturing imaginations and driving conversations, ambient video backgrounds, is represented in many ways. Attention grabbing and vast, complex, while not being intrusive. It’s a design feature that many a developer is anxious to look into, and implement on their own sites. However the trend isn’t particularly popular with certain usability-focused developers. Several gripe against the platform citing a scarcity of functionality, and a decrease in ux due to slower load times.

Ambient video works are designed to play within the background of our lives, however they have to be ready to reward our attention in any given ambient video background11moment. Like Brian Eno’s ambient music, they “must be as simple to ignore as notice”. However, whenever they’re detected, they have to always yield visual pleasure. During this capability, they have to be equally proficient at rewarding a short glance, a more direct look, or a extended contemplative gaze.

There are certain criteria that you must consider while developing an ambient video. Now let us have a look at these:
  • Be visually engaging when viewing for the first time.
  • Not need your attention at any time.
  • Renew its involvement whenever you decide to return to viewing.
  • Maintain visual pleasure over a good number of repeated viewing.
ambient video backgroundAmbient Video

Ambient Video is frozen within the history of experimental film and video art, but is additionally an evolving kind considerably within the spirit of Higgins’s concept of intermedia -emergent however coherent media forms that are located within and between other existing forms. There’s a reason some artists call the form “Video Painting”. It sits well within a shared aesthetic area that joins art, video, cinema and photography.

Ambient video communication is the act of communication across video via a camera that’s continuously “on”. On being in quotations because “on” will mean various things. A camera that’s “on” doesn’t essentially mean its recording. “On” just implies that it’s broadcasting a signal bent on a particular cluster of people. Not much different than a CCTV camera except it’s for communication, and not for security.

Improved broadband and wi-fi speeds suggest that using video backgrounds is a choice in internet design. It’s all regarding impact and visual impressions and also what’s theme of your web site. If you’re a designer or within the artistic industry then video is a must have content.


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