Diamond Chip

We all are familiar with different chips used in our computer system and mobile devices. We use Silicon to manufacture Electronic chips. It has several disadvantages when it’s utilized in power electronic applications, like bulk in size, slow operating speed etc. Carbon, germanium and silicon are belonging to the same group in the periodic table. They contain four valance electrons in their outer shell. Pure germanium and silicon are semiconductors under normal temperature. Diamond chip is the significant component that is widely use nowadays.

So in the earlier days they’re used widely for the manufacturing of electronic components. But later it’s found that germanium has several disadvantages compared to silicon, like large reverse current, less stability towards temperature etc therefore in the industry centered in developing electronic components using silicon wafers.what is the use of diamond chip11

Now research people found that Carbon has more benefits than silicon. By utilizing carbon as the manufacturing material, we will attain smaller, quicker and stronger chips. They’re succeeded in creating smaller prototypes of Carbon chip. They invented a significant component using carbon that’s “CARBON NANOTUBE”, that is widely utilized in most recent microprocessors and it’ll be a significant component in the Diamond chip.

Now let us see what a Diamond chip is? In single definition, Diamond Chip or carbon Chip is an electronic chip manufactured on a Diamond structural Carbon wafer. OR it will also be defined as the electronic component manufactured using carbon as the wafer. The main component using carbon is (cnt) Carbon Nanotube. Carbon Nanotube may be a nano dimensional created by using carbon. It consists of several distinctive properties.

Pure Diamond structural carbon is non-conducting in nature. So as to create it conducting we’ve to perform doping method. We are using boron as the p-type doping Agent and the nitrogen as the n-type doping agent. The doping method is analogous to that in the case of silicon chip manufacturing. However this method can take more time compared with that of silicon because it’s very tough to diffuse through strongly bonded diamond structure. CNT (Carbon Nanotube) is already a semi conductor.

Now let us see some of the advantages of Diamond chip:
  • Smaller components are possible: As the size of the carbon atom is small when compared to silicon atom, it’s possible to etch very smaller lines through diamond structural carbon. We will realize a transistor whose size is one in what is the use of diamond chip12hundredth of silicon transistor.
  • It can operate at higher temperature: Diamond is a strongly bonded material. It will withstand higher temperatures compared with that of silicon. At extreme temperature, crystal structure of the silicon can collapse. But diamond chip will operate well in these elevated temperatures. Diamond is extremely good conductor of heat. So if there’s any heat dissipation inside the chip, heat can very quickly transferred to the heat sink or other cooling mechanics.
  • Faster when compared to Silicon chip: Carbon chip works quicker than silicon chip. Mobility of the electrons within the doped diamond structural carbon is higher than that of in the silicon structure. Because the size of the silicon is higher than that of carbon, the possibility of collision of electrons with larger silicon atoms will increase. But the carbon atom size is small, therefore the possibility of collision decreases. So the mobility of the charge carriers is higher in doped diamond structural carbon compared with that of silicon.

It contains larger power handling capacity: For power electronics application silicon is employed, but it has several disadvantages like bulk in size, slow operating speed, lower band gap, less efficiency, etc at terribly high voltages silicon structure can collapse. Diamond has a strongly bonded crystal structure. Thus carbon chip will work under high power atmosphere. It’s assumed that a carbon transistor will deliver one watt of power at rate of 100 GHz.


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