Customer Support in SEO

Customer support is very essential part of your overall program of marketing, especially in reference to SEO. Ensuring that there’s continuously a distinct line of communication available between both departments can generate results like better links, improved content and greater amounts of clients. Now let us see some of the factors that help to get more customers for your business.

Creating Content Ideas

One of the most important challenges that businesses suffer from when they are in the method of improving their SEO strategy, is ensuring that their content provides the information that consumers require. If the information needed isn’t there, then people aren’t going to stick around. According to information collected by the Web Usability report of 2014, 83 of people really abandon a website if they can’t get the data that they require.

Here’s where client support comes in. Between support communities, social media, live chat and call center information, you can get a good insight into what is lacking on your website. Also by talking to your customer support staff, you can study the queries people ask most frequently, what they’re searching for, and where additional information can be added.

This also offers you a helpful insight into the usability of your web pages. for example, if your visitors are asking queries in reference to content that’s already on your website, but difficult to find, you wish to consider ways you can make it more accessible. Once you have the information you need, you can take the most frequently asked queries you find and turn them into assets for your website. When you are doing this, think carefully regarding where certain content should be on your website. Now let us see some of the content types that are generated from user data.what is the role of customer support in seo11

  • Blog Posts
  • FAQs
  • Whitepapers
  • Videos
  • Tool Tips
Accessing Insights for Keywords

Alongside helping you to spot the areas of your website that require content; the data you get from customer support can offer you information regarding how potential customers; and current customers find and discuss your service or product. Furthermore, learn how they describe your products, whether they realize wording on your website to be unclear in some way. Find out the phrases that are used most frequently in describing a given feature. And utilize these phrases as keywords.what is the role of customer support in seo12

One of the more difficult parts of SEO is separating yourself from industry-relevant jargon. And instead focusing on describing services and products the same manner as your customers. Your customer support team could be a really valuable source of information for your website. If you can’t develop regular meetings with them to assist your company progress; work out a way for data to be sent directly from them to your promoting team.

Moreover, for an SEO agency customer support service extends beyond being on the monthly calls. You have to make a partnership with your customers and help them to make better decisions for their digital marketing programs.


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