Know Code

Do you work in tech? Then you need to know how to code. This doesn’t mean you need to be a computer programmer. It doesn’t mean you need to be writing code everyday, or that you simply need to learn every coding language there is. What it does mean is that you simply need to learn to know code. So it is necessary that you must learn to understand coding and how the programming languages are used. If you know code, then it can benefit you in many ways. Let us have a look at these.

You can be better at your job

If you know code you can do a better job for your company. If you know the backend of your product, you’ll have an improved idea of what your customers want and how they’re planning to use it. You’ll be able to give clearer, simpler information regarding it and you will be able to go further with your client support before running to the devs for help.need for learning code11

You’ll even have an improved understanding of what may or may not be possible for your product. With no coding experience, it’s very tough to effectively gauge the chances of changing, removing or adding options. Simply a little understanding of how the backend works can bring you out of the dark, a bit, at least.

In each of these cases, you’ll be wasting little time. You can check whether it’s figuring things out on your own, or simply filtering queries and suggestions before sending requests to your devs, everybody can appreciate the improved efficiency.

You can communicate with tour team more efficiently

Talking to someone in your team about what they do is very difficult, if you don’t understand it. So if you learn the programming language you will understand the language of the developer. You can speak to them in the language that they use. You won’t be as fluent as they are, but you’ll be able to convey your points to the developers without translating what you say.

Knowing how code works also provides you a leg up once it involves general communication along with your dev team: you’ll have an improved idea of their mindset and the way they approach the product. You’ll understand what they are doing all day, how they create the product do what it does, and why they’re vital.

You can be more powerful

When you haven’t any idea what it suggests that to write, fix or implement code, you position yourself as an outsider within the tech industry. But if you know the coding you will have a position in the industry. You can be more powerful while talking to your colleagues. It will save you from being left within the dark, in the corner, by yourself, protecting ‘the internet’ from flash photography and loud voices.


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