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Easy navigation of a website is of the up-most importance when it involves designing a website. Moreover, the navigation system acts like a road map to all the different areas and data contained within the website. If the navigation is obvious, visitors can stay and have a good experience, which ultimately results in more business for you. Let us see some of the reasons for which navigation is important in your website design.

  • People can get into your website from a number of different pages:

    Some people make the mistake of designing their website entirely around the home page. However, it’s necessary to remember that a multitude of your website’s pages is also ranked at the same time by search engines, which implies that people are able to access your website from pages other than your home page. As a matter of fact without good website navigation that covers the entire website; visitors might get stuck on a page and not be able to move on to explore more of your website.what is the importance of website navigation11

  • You do not require making your website visitors to work:

    Simply put, they don’t need to have to put in a bunch of work simply to be able to explore your website. In fact a bad navigation network can mean multiple clicks to get to the required information. If you force your visitors to put in too much effort when it involves moving through your website and finding what they need, then you’ll lose their interest – and you’ll lose them.

  • Your website should be well-organized:

    Again, this comes down to serving to your website visitors find what they require; with as little effort as possible. Furthermore, You cannot expect people to automatically understand how your website is organized. And where they must click to get where they need to go. Navigation is your method of organizing your website. For example, by making good use of primary navigation, secondary navigation, internal linking, and menus, you can create a user experience that’s possible to keep people interested, and loyal, to your website.

  • If they can’t find it they cannot read it:

    You put lots of money and time into aggregating, creating, and commissioning content for your website. Simply put, if your website isn’t effectively designed with navigation in mind, your clients won’t be able to find your content.

While designing navigational components, as a web designer you must permanently keep in mind the fundamental function of the website and the anticipated audience. Always confirm that all the navigational components are undoubtedly linked by using various normal conventions for the links like menus, buttons, underlining the text or changing color on mouse over. Also Do not go along with the attraction to use intellectual or vague links name. If you’re designing non-conventional links, notify clearly the visitor that is a link.

The majority specialized website designers use the “Three Click Rule” which implies each and every web page on your website should be accessible within three clicks. Statistical report shows that the most of the internet users to get to the information they need; will not go through the website by clicking the link not more than three links.what is the importance of website navigation

Now let us see some of the important navigation elements:
  • Internal Page Links
  • Shopping Carts
  • Login Boxes
  • Order Buttons
  • Advertisements
  • External Links
  • Downloadable Items
  • Site Map

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