E- commerce websites

Electronics Commerce or E-Commerce is a methodology of modern business that addresses the requirement of business organizations. Launching an e-Commerce website is a really exciting time for any business. The products and services become available to people everywhere the world. For this, it is essential to have a product page for your e-commerce website.

You have to make your product page simple and easy to navigate. You may have best E-commerce website design and more products but if you don’t have a good product page results will be fail. Because Product pages plays an important role in E-commerce website designs. To boost your sales your product page should speak for you. Now let us see some of the features that your product page should have.What is the importance of product page in E- commerce websites11

If you run an e-commerce website, your product pages are the moment of truth for your business. E-commerce website either converts your visitor into a client or they don’t. In fact this is not new information. Everybody is aware of that successful product pages are necessary to a successful e-commerce web site.

  • Product title should be descriptive:

    Product Page should include Descriptive Project Title. It is an important factor that you have to do first. You can add keywords as your product title so that it may be displayed on search results.

  • Product description:

    It is necessary to give simple product description for your products. To increase your sales your product has to speak for itself. It is required to include all the information of your product for the customer including details of the product, options that are available, keyword rich product titles and well-optimized descriptions.

  • Use quality images:

    It is necessary to include clear and impressive product images. Zooming option for each product is very important. Also add an extra images in the form of thumbnails that the user can rollover or click to view larger versions.

  • Price information:

    You have to include Price information clearly for every product.

  • Quantity selection:

    You can increase your sales by including a quantity selection option. The quantity selection can be either entering into a text field or with a drop down selector.What is the importance of product page in E- commerce websites

  • Add to cart:

    Based on the suggestion of your E-commerce website designer, you can include ‘add to cart’ or ‘buy now’ button.

  • Related products:

    Display the inter-related product along with each product. This can encourage your customers to spend more time on your web site. This can also increase your sales by selling extra or alternative products.

  • Customer review and ratings:

    Displaying customer reviews and ratings of every product will help to impress your customers. This can engage more customers and encourage them to make buying decisions.

  • Product videos:

    One of the best ways to demonstrate products is using videos. This can be used for displaying new concepts.


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