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Your website consists of the three main components such as graphics/design, content (writing) and the URL/Hosting. Most of the people are concentrating on the design of a web page and they are not putting any hard work and dedication into their content. Even though the design is very important, it determines the mood and sets the professionalism of your business – when it includes a website, the content should be given at least as much attention.

We all know that content is the king. But it is also the most difficult thing to do. Because you most frequently are going to be writing the content yourself – after all, you know your business best. Typically content will be an overwhelming task. We’ve a certain tips for breaking it down; and also provide some insight as to why content really will build the biggest distinction.what is the importance of website content

  • Search Engine Results are Content Driven:

    The most fabulous design on the inter-webs won’t be able to convince Google that you are better than your competition if you don’t really say anything. More than anything, search engines are content driven and when they crawl your page, they’re reading your text – searching for quality, searching for links to other relevant articles. Search engines are hungry for data that’s relevant to search terms – that is why keywords are such an important part of your content. Having content, lots of it, and ensuring it is packed with relevant data is essential to getting you the organic rank you want and driving the most traffic to your website.

  • Have to write the contents that make sense:

    You have to write the contents that are useful and helpful for your clients or visitors. For example, if you are writing an About page, you have to just write about your business. Tell a story regarding the history – past, present and future. You have to aim for at least 500 words, but shoot for 750 or more. Include pictures to break up massive blocks of text.  Say things in your content which will facilitate answer queries from your visitors. Keep in mind that your real target is a human being, not a search engine. – and providing information that’s both useful and relevant will keep visitors from leaving your website. And finding one that will provide them the information they’re searching for.  Be a human, write like a human, and write for humans. There’s nothing worse than a page so over-saturated with key-words that it becomes almost unreadable.what is the importance of website content12

  • Consider the needs of your audience:

    You have to consider what your target audience requires. You have to write the contents related to the products or services and also it should be useful and relevant to your target audience.

  • Write a Blog:

    A blog helps you to keep your website updated. This is very useful in creating new content for your website on a regular basis that helps to attract new visitors and also attracts new links.

  • Consider other content forms:

    You can include videos, graphics, info graphic etc in your website. These are just like blogs as they can attract more clients to your website and also the user or visitors can share your content. This aids the search engine to crawl more frequently that helps to improve your ranking in search engine result page.


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