Ruby On Rails

Have you heard about Ruby on Rails? As you know Ruby is a programming language created by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto about 20 years ago. Ruby is a general purpose programming language like Java, C language etc. It is a popular web programming language which ranks in the top tenth position. Rail is a software library which extends the Ruby programming language. This language was created by David Heinemeier Hansson and gives the name Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is often called Rails which is a framework for developing websites. The Rails will provide conventions for easier maintenance and collaboration. These are called Rails API (Application Programming Interface). These are used to control the code. In order to create web application that runs on a web server Rails combine the Ruby programming language with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Rails is very popular among the beginners it is possible to develop complex sites quickly using a pool of open source software libraries.

Do you know why Ruby is most frequently used? Because Ruby requires less code to develop basic structures like data fields. It is a modern language that makes it easy to use metaprogramming. Also The main advantage of Ruby is RubyGems. It is a package manager that which is used to share and create software libraries. In fact RubyGems uses a simple system to install gems. Also It is easy to upload gems to the central RubyGems website and it easy for anyone to install the gems.

Now let us see the disadvantages of Ruby.ruby on rails11
  • The processing performance is slow when compared to C++or Java.
  • Ruby lacks parallelism. That is, Ruby is not suited for executing simultaneous activity efficiently.
  • In Ruby programs complex operations are hidden behind simple directives. That is, it contains too much magic.
These factors terminated Rails from becoming popular in web development platform.

Now let us see how Rails work. We all know that a web browser combines three kinds of files such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML is used for creating structured documents such as text, images or video with generic design, layout and typographic elements. CSS can be used to apply appearance to layout, design and typographic elements. Moreover JavaScript is programming language which is used to manipulate CSS and HTML and is supported by all web browsers.

The static files that are stored on the server can deliver HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Also these files are dynamically created using Ruby. Rails will combine Ruby programming language with HTML, CSS and JavaScript which is used to create a web application. If you want to display several web pages, you want to assemble the HTML files. For this you need a web application.


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