Nano Robotics

We all are familiar with robotics. But have you heard about nano robotics? It is the latest technology in the field of robotics. Nano technology is used for manufacturing nano robots. Nano robotics technology is used to manipulate objects in nano meter scale dimension. It is also concerned with the interaction of objects in molecular size. So this technology is also called molecular robotics.

Nano robots with fully artificial elements haven’t been realized. The active area of research during this field is concentrated more on molecular robots that are totally inspired by nature’s method of doing things at nano scale. Moreover Nano robotics is a field that needs collaborative efforts between computer scientists, engineers, biologists, chemists, physicists and other specialists to work towards this common objective.

Robots are programmed devices that are used to perform specific functions and have a range of sizes from small, miniature size to large crane size devices. Moreover in nano robotics the construction and programming are concerned with the dimensions of nano scale.

nano-robots11Nanorobotics research has proceeded on two lines:
  • First is dedicated to simulation with nanoscale dimensions.
  • Second involves manipulation with large instruments.

The ability to control matter at the nano scale is one core application that nano robots could be the technological solution. Also a lot has been written within the literature regarding the importance and motivation behind constructing a nano robot. As a matter of fact The applications vary from medical to environmental sensing to space and military applications. Molecular construction of complicated devices might be possible by nano robots of the future.

In fact the major assets of nano robots are they require little energy to operate and they are durable. They can be made to operate for years, decades or centuries. Moreover another important factor concerned with nano robotics is the high speed. It can be made to operate at high speed than their counter parts.

Now let us see the main applications of nano robotics:
  • To cure skin problem and as cosmetic cream.
  • Can be used as a mouthwash to try and do all brushing and flossing.
  • Would protect immune system by finding and killing microorganism and viruses.
  • It would stop heart failure, kill cancer cells etc.
  • To monitor dangerous microorganisms within the ocean.
  • Nano robots can be used in blood cells to identify the pathogens.

Nanotechnology is being pursued on two directions. From the top down, semiconductor fabrication techniques are manufacturing smaller and smaller structures. Alternatively, one will proceed from the bottom up, by grouping atoms and molecules into useful elements and systems.

There are two main approaches for building helpful devices from nanoscale elements. The primary relies on self-assembly, and could be a natural evolution of traditional chemistry and bulk processing. The other relies on controlled positioning of nanoscale objects, electric fields, direct application of forces and so on. The second approach involves Nanomanipulation, and is being studied by a little number of researchers, who are specializing in techniques based on Scanning Probe microscopy.


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