Are you receiving exorbitantly high telephone bill that doesn’t match your mobile usage or someone used you for letting them send lewd messages or for making obscene calls? If yes then it is time for you to understand that your mobile handset has been cloned. Do you know what a mobile phone cloning means? It is the process of copying the identity of one mobile phone to another mobile phone. Its main purpose is to make fraudulent calls. The telephone bills go to the legitimate subscriber.

The cloner will set the options to ring his phone once you make a call and you’ll don’t have any idea that the cloner is listening from his own mobile. He could read phone book entries, text message, look at photos etc. Also he will dial telephone numbers from their phone and a whole lot more.

Though communication channels are equipped with security algorithms, but cloners escape with the help of loop holes in systems. Therefore when you gets huge bills, the possibilities are that the phone is being cloned. Many cell phones users, be it CDMA or GSM, run in danger of getting their phones cloned.what is mobile phone cloning11


Cloning is the method of taking the programmed data that’s keep in a legitimate mobile and illegally programming the identical data into another mobile. The culprits clone and hack into your phone using software’s that are simply obtainable, once the software is installed they simply need the unique IMEI number of the phone and that they can digitally imprint these numbers on any of the phone they need. Once this is done they will send messages, make calls to anyone and also the person whose phone has been cloned and hacked will be held responsible.

Cloning involved modifying or replacing the EPROM within the phone with a new chip that would permit you to configure an ESN (Electronic serial number) via software. you’d also have to vary the MIN (Mobile Identification Number). When you had changed the ESN/MIN pair successfully, your phone was an efficient clone of the other phone. Cloning needed access to ESN and MIN pairs.

ESN/MIN pairs were discovered in many ways:
  • Sniffing the cellular.
  • Trashing cellular resellers or cellular companies.
  • Hacking cellular resellers or cellular companies.

Cloning still works below the AMPS/NAMPS system, but has fallen in popularity as older clone able phones are difficult to find and newer phones haven’t been successfully reverse-engineered.

Cloning has been successfully demonstrated below GSM, but the method isn’t simple and it currently remains in the realm of significant hobbyists and researchers.

How can you prevent cloning?

Uniquely identifies a mobile unit within a wireless carrier’s network. The MINs are often dialed from other wireless or wire line networks. The number differs from the electronic serial number (ESN), which is the unit number allotted by a phone manufacturer. MINS and ESNs are often checked electronically to assist prevent fraud.what is mobile phone cloning12

  • Mobiles should never be trusty for communicating/storing confidential information.
  • Always set a Pin that is needed before the phone will be used.
  • All mobile devices should be covered by a corporate security policy.

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