Mind Reading Computer

We have heard about mind reading. It is a traditional way in which one can interfere or detect the mental state of another person. This can be done simply by seeing or understanding the facial expression. For example a smile will provide us an expression of happiness. But now it may be possible that not just one human will understand other’s mental states but also a computer may understand the mental states of an individual.

We can see how a computer may infer the mental state of an individual and therefore becomes the mind reading computer.
Now we can see what a mind reading computer is? Mind reading computer is also defined as a machine that infers the human being’s mental states. The understanding of a human’s thoughts is one among the most complicated tasks. Nobody is aware of what an individual would do in the coming second by executing his present thoughts. Or what would an individual thought of any other person or what would an individual needs and many more.

Mind Reading

Mind reading is also defined as the inferring of the human thoughts, needs and emotions etc. first simplest step of mind reading is by just understanding the facial expression given by the person as individuals express their mental states largely through facial expressions and gestures. In spite of whether they are interacting or not. Our mental states shape the choices that we create, make us react the method we react in a very specific situation and so affect our performance. All over our thoughts are the causes of all the things that are happening.what is mind reading

The mind-reading computer might also be used to monitor and suggest enhancements in human- human interaction. The affective Computing cluster at the MIT Media Laboratory is developing an emotional-social intelligence prosthesis. That explores new technologies to enhance and improve people’s social interactions and communication skills.

Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

The mind reading really involves measuring the volume and oxygen level of blood around the subject’s brain using technology known as functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS). The user puts a futuristic head band that sends light in that spectrum into the tissues of the head where it’s absorbed by active, blood stuffed tissues. The results are usually compared to an MRI, but are often gathered with light-weight, non-invasive equipments.

Wearing the fNIRS detector, experimental subjects were asked to count the number of squares on a rotating onscreen cube and to perform different tasks. Measuring frustration, distraction and mental work is usually restricted to qualitatively observing computer users.
Mind reading computer may facilitate paralyze patients, disabled individuals, and people have been in comma, those who cannot speak. It is often utilized in military purposes. Sting operations and severe investigations. Mind reading computer will prevent from terrorism. Also it may be combined with consoles and used for mind gaming.


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