What is meant by a .csv file?

A .csv file is the short for comma separated values. It is also called as ‘comma delimited file’ or a ‘character separated file’. It is the best way of storing large amount of data with commas separating the data values and a header with names describing what the data is populating the file. The most used program for writing and maintaining csv file is Microsoft Excel.

“Name”, “Age”, “E-mail”
“John”, “20”, “John087@ymail”
“Eliza”,”32”, “Eliza@gmail”
In this example, the file has a header describing the data. The header is considered as a way to show the users what the file contains. In the example, the datas are embraced by double quotes. Actually this is optional. It can be any sign-or none at all.

How to use a .csv file?

A .csv file format allows the data table to be easily retrieved into a variety of applications. The most common examples of such applications are those used to create spread sheets and databases. To view the data table, within your browser window, you have to click on the CSV link located just to the right of the table name. Or on right clicking on the CSV link and selecting ‘Open in New Window’. This method is commonly used when there is a need of viewing several tables at the same time.

To save a data table to a disk, highlight the CSV link, right click on it and then click ’Save Target As’. Also make sure that the file is saved as a CSV Text Document. Inorder to retrieve a data table into spread sheet applications, do the same steps that you use for opening an existing spreadsheet. To import a data table into a database, create a new table and then import the data table file into the newly created database table.


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