Gi-Fi technology

We all are very familiar with Wi-Fi and WiMax technology. These are used to transfer data at a faster rate. But the transfer of video files takes a lot of time. This leads to the development of a new technology called Gi-Fi. It has some advantages over Wi-Fi and other wireless technology. The Gi-Fi technology has faster information rate, low cost for short range transmission and consumes less power.

Gi-Fi is developed on an integrated wireless transceiver chip. In that a small antenna is used and both transmitter-receiver integrated on one chip which is fabricated using the complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) method. With Gi-Fi large video files are transferred within seconds.

Both the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be used to transfer files. But they have certain limitations such as, the bit rate of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are 800Kbps and 11 Mbps respectively. They have lower frequency of operation 2.4GHz having power consumption of 5mw and 10 mw. It also takes a lot of time to transfer large amount of audio, video and data files. In order to achieve larger data transfer with lower power consumption we use Gi-Fi technology.what is gi-fi

Gigabit Wireless

Gi-Fi or Gigabit Wireless is the world’s 1st transceiver integrated on one chip that operates at 60GHz on the CMOS method. It’ll permit wireless transfer of audio and video information up to 5 gigabits per second, ten times the maximum wireless transfer rate, at one-tenth of the price, usually within a range of 10 meters. It uses a square chip of 5mm and a 1mm wide antenna burning but 2 watts of power to transmit information wirelessly over short distances, very similar to Bluetooth.

The development can enable the truly wireless home and office of the future. Because the integrated transceiver is very small, it will be embedded into devices. The breakthrough can mean the networking of home and office equipment without wires can finally become a reality.

This Gi-Fi technology permits wireless uncompressed high definition content and operates over a range of 10 meters without interference. Gi-Fi chip has versatile design. It is extremely portable and might be made in everywhere. Entire transmission system may be designed on a cost effective single silicon chip that operates within 57-64 GHz spectrum band. Gi-Fi technology also permits the future of information management, is simple to deployment with the small form factor.

Now let us see some of the benefits of Gi-Fi technology.
  • Removing cables: This technology removes need for cables to connect consumer electronics devices and all the devices can be connected so as to transmit the information wirelessly.
  • Low cost: Low-cost chip permits technology to be easily incorporated into several devices. The chip in Gi-Fi would likely cost less to create.
  • Security and privacy: Encryption technology in Gi-Fi ensures security and privacy of content. About 70 per cent of companies have deployed their WLAN in a very secure firewall zone but are still using the previous WEP protocol, that doesn’t protect the application layer effectively, thus better encryption is urgently required.
  • Flexibility: One of the issues with wire connections and cables is complexity for connecting, but within the Gigabit wireless technology simplicity is one among the features. Easy connection improves the consumer experience. The advantages related to the Gi-Fi technology that may be achieved by the deployment and use of this technology.

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