Data Visualization

Have you seen text data been represented in visual format in some websites? This process of representing data in visual format is called data visualization. It is the graphical representation of information, with the goal of providing the user with a more attractive and qualitative understanding of the information content. Patterns, correlations and trends that may go undetected in text-based information will be exposed and recognized easier with data visualization software system.

The main aim of data visualization is to communicate information more efficiently and clearly to the visitors via the information patterns such are charts, tables, graphs, diagrams etc. it makes the data simpler and easier for the users to understand. The data shown in plain text may sometimes difficult to understand. In such cases the data visualization is more effective. The users could understand the main concept about that particular topic.

Importance of data visualization

            Data visualization helps you to see the data that were not important to you before. This is because the patterns or the graphs can be easily spotted. Also the data visualization makes it simpler to share the ideas with others. In fact Data visualization represents the way that you can easily interpret, saving time and energy. The data is represented in different colors and shapes.

Interactive charts and graphs just like the ones shown on top of make it easier for decision makers across all organizations to:

  • Identify areas that require improvement or attention.
  • Understand what factors influence your clients’ behavior.
  • Know that product to place wherever.
  • Predict sales volumes.
  • Discover the way to increase revenues or reduce expenses.
There are many basic ideas which will help you generate the simplest visuals for displaying your data:data
  • Understand the data you’re attempting to visualize, together with its size and uniqueness.
  • Determine what you’re attempting to visualize and what kind of data you would like to convey.
  • Know your audience and perceive however it processes visual info.
  • Use a visual that conveys the data within the best and simplest form for your audience.

When you are initial exploring new information set, auto charts are particularly helpful because they supply a fast view of huge amounts of data. This data exploration capability is useful even to experienced statisticians as they seek to speed up the analytic life cycle process as a result of it eliminates the requirement for repeated sampling to see that data is suitable for every model. Most business intelligence software vendors introduce data visualization tools into their product, either developing the visualization technology themselves or sourcing it from firms that focus on visualization.

Most of the websites now make use of these types of representation to represent the important contents in their site. You can provide some effects also to such representation which is more attractive. Data visualization makes your website elegant, descriptive and beautiful.


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