zenoss core

We all are familiar with different core processors. But do you know what a Zenoss processor is? It is an open source application, network and server management platform based on the Zope application server and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2, in fact Zenoss Core provides an internet interface that permits system administrators to observe accessibility, inventory/configuration, events and performance.

Besides the Zenoss system provides full stack coverage of servers, networks, applications, virtualization, and services. Functionally, it provides complete operational awareness by combining inventory and discover, reporting, and event management, performance monitoring and availability.<!–more–>

Zenoss Core is made upon the following open source technologies:what is a zenoss core12
  • Zope Application server: an object-oriented internet server written in Python.
  • Python, an expandable programming language.
  • Net-SNMP: helps in monitoring protocol which collects systems status data.
  • RRD tool: Graph and log time series information.
  • MySQL: a preferred open source database.
  • Twisted: event-driven network engine that is written in Python

As a matter of fact Zenoss Core may be a capable open source monitoring solution at no cost. In addition there’s Zenoss Enterprise Edition available at a price with more options, as well as WMI performance monitoring. Before Zenoss, WMI is employed to observe Windows servers and desktops for quite a while, however the challenge for WMI has always been finding a good interface to make graphs, reports, monitor, alert on thresholds, etc. Also users may use their own scripts combined with tools like Nagios, Cacti, and even their own internet interfaces to manage WMI information.

There are certain capabilities for a Zenoss core:
  • Monitoring availability of network devices using SSH, SNMP, WMI
  • observation of network services
  • Observation of host resources (processor, disk usage) on most network operating systems.
  • Time-series performance observation of devices
  • Extended Microsoft Windows observation via Windows Management Instrumentation using SAMBA and Zenoss open source extensions
  • Event management tools to provide system alerts
  • Automatically detects network resources and changes in network configuration
  • Alerting system gives notifications based on rule sets and on-call calendars
  • Supports Nagios plug-in format
Zenoss Core

As a matter of fact, It is an open source IT observation product that delivers the functionality to effectively manage the configuration, performance of networks, health, applications and servers through single, integrated software. Further, At the heart of Zenoss Core may be a unified model of the whole IT atmosphere. Also this model is the basis for the Zenoss approach.

While Zenoss Core has long been ready to monitor multiple kinds of network and server infrastructure elements, with the new release Windows monitoring gets easier. Moreover, the Zenoss Core 4 release is currently ready to perform remote observation of Windows systems without the requirement for extra third-party agents.what is a zenoss core11

Now let us see some of the features of Zenoss core:
  • Highly customizable web-based dashboards and console
  • Classification, Device discovery, and modeling
  • Layer 3 topology maps
  • Agent less information collection
  • Event and Fault observation and management
  • Also Event classification, auto-clearing, de-duplication, transformation, mapping, and lifecycle management
  • Event notifications and triggers
  • Management of device and device attribute
  • Monitoring the performance for networks, events and devices and also SNMP
  • Maintenance of window configuration

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