Surface Computer

We all are familiar with different types of computers. But do you know what a surface computer is? And how it differs from other computers? A surface computer is a computer that communicates with the user through the surface of an ordinary object, instead of a keyboard and monitor. The user communicates directly through touch screens in a surface computer. With Surface, Microsoft has established a new branch of technology called surface computing. The aim of surface computing is to identify touch and objects on the screen’s surface and to communicate with those objects seamlessly.

Surface Computer

The surface computer uses a large table like display. Using this display, users are able to draw, communicate with media, and use another new technology referred to as domino tagging; in which a real object on the computer’s surface is identified and becomes an on-screen object. Picture a surface that may identify physical objects from a paintbrush to a cellular phone and permits hands-on, direct management of content like music, photos and maps.what is surface computer

You’re probably already aware of the idea of a graphical user interface (GUI). A GUI, like the windows and menus on your computer; presents data to you on a screen and prompts you to use a connected keyboard, mouse, touchpad or other device to enter data.

Natural User Interface

Surface computing implements a Natural user interface (NUI) that permits you to communicate in ways that what comes naturally to you. NUI is driven by the direct touch of the user or object it’s interacting with rather than separate input devices connected to the computer. The NUI is implemented in the surface with a combination of software and hardware all packed within a device.

As a part of its NUI, Surface also includes multi-touch technology. This implies that Surface will notice and process many touch points at the same time. Therefore, if you’ve got several individuals browsing through photos at one time; they will each, drag and turn photos simultaneously without waiting for each other.

With Surface, we are making more intuitive ways for people to interact with technology. We tend to see this as a multibillion dollar category; and we have a time when surface computing technologies are going to be pervasive; from counters and tabletops to the hallway mirror. Surface is that the first step in realizing that vision.what is surface computing12

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface puts people in control of their experiences with technology, creating everyday tasks entertaining, enjoyable and efficient. Imagine ordering a drink during a meal with just the faucet of a finger. Imagine quickly browsing through music and dragging favorite songs onto a private playlist by moving a finger across the screen.Making and sending a private postal card of vacation photos instantly to family and friends, while still wearing flip-flops.


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