Today the field of technology is developing day by day. Electronic devices were invented that duplicates every sense of perception. But the sense of smelling was lagging behind. Recently the requirement of sensing odours has increased. In fact this is to replace the human job of sensing and qualification. For this a new technology has emerged called E-Nose.

Do you know what an E-Nose is? It is a device that identifies the particular components of an odor and analyzes its chemical makeup to identify it. As a matter of fact an electronic nose includes a mechanism for chemical detection, like an array of electronic sensors, and a mechanism for pattern identification, like a neural network.

E-Nose finds its application in places where human beings cannot afford the risk of smelling any substance. Other important applications are medical application and continuous monitoring. These applications allow man to perform tasks that were once considered impossible.what do you mean by e-nose technology

The fast paced technology has helped to develop sophisticated devices that have brought the electronic nose to advanced capabilities and miniature sizes. Also the trend is such that there’ll be accurate, quantitative and qualitative measurements of odor in the near future. Moreover Living beings interact with the surrounding atmosphere through specific interfaces referred to as senses, which can be divided in 2 groups: those detecting chemical quantities and those detecting physical quantities.

An odor consists of molecules, each of which contains a specific size and shape. Each of these molecules contains a correspondingly sized and shaped receptor in the human nose. When a particular receptor receives a molecule, it will send a signal to the brain and the brain identifies the smell related to that specific molecule. Furthermore Electronic noses based on the biological model work in the same manner.

In the past decade, electronic nose instrumentation has generated much interest internationally for its potential to resolve a wide variety of issues in food and beverages manufacturing, fragrance and cosmetics production, environmental observation, chemical engineering, and more recently, bioprocesses and medical diagnostics. Many companies are currently designing and selling electronic nose units globally for a wide variety of increasing markets.

Electronic Nose

Moreover An electronic nose is a machine that’s designed to identify and discriminate among complex odors using a sensor array. Usually, the sensor array of consists of broadly tuned sensors that are treated with a variety of odor-sensitive chemical or biological materials.

As a matter of fact Electronic noses were originally used for quality control applications in the beverage, food and cosmetics industries. Current applications typically include detection of odors specific to diseases for medical diagnosis, and detection of gas leaks and pollutants for environmental protection.

Now let us see some of the applications of E-Nose technology:what do you mean by e-nose technology11
  • Health monitoring and medical diagnostics
  • Monitoring of environment
  • Application in food industry
  • Identifying explosives
  • Space applications (NASA)
  • Used in development and research industries
  • Used in quality control laboratories
  • Also used in process and production department
The E-Nose technology can be used in many future applications. Now let us have a look at the possible future applications of E-Nose technology:
  • Used in the field of security and crime prevention
  • Used in detecting harmful bacteria
  • Also used in detecting drug odors

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