Have you heard about networking? We all are familiar with internet and computers. These computers and linked together by networking. Computer network is the backbone of modern communication. Networking is the process of connecting different computing devices for the purpose of sharing data. By networking your computer you can share your information and data all over the world with in a fraction of seconds. Computer networking depends on the theoretical application and practical implementation of fields like telecommunication, computer sciences, computer engineering and information technology.

Networks can be categorized in different ways. One of the methods is classifying networks according to the geographic spans. It is of two types namely LAN and WAN. For connecting over a small geographic area LAN or Local Area Network is used. Moreover For a large geographic area WAN or Wide Area Network is used. We all are familiar with internet. It is a Wide Area Network used to interconnect across the world.

Another important factor concerning with network is the topology. Topology determines the layout or structure for the data flow.

There are different types of network topology such as
  • bus topology
  • ring topologylarge-icon (1)
  • star topology
  • tree topology
  • mesh topology etc.

Commonly we use bus, star, ring and mesh topology. In order to communicate with these networks certain protocols are needed, called network protocols. The protocol which is frequently used is TCP/IP. Also This protocol is used in internet and in home networks.


Routers, the second valuable element of your networking basics, are used to connect multiple networks together. For example, you would use a router to attach your networked computers to the internet and thereby share an internet connection among several users. The router can act as a dispatcher, selecting the most effective path for your data to travel so you receive it quickly.

Routers analyze the information being sent over a network, modify however it’s packaged, and send it to a different network, or over a distinct kind of network. They connect your business to the outside world, protect your data from security issues, and even decide that computers get priority over others.

In fact A computer network facilitates interpersonal communications permitting users to communicate efficiently and simply via email, chat rooms, instant messaging, video conferencing, video telephone calls and telephone. Providing access to information on shared storage devices is a very important feature of the many networks. Moreover A network allows sharing of data, files and different styles of information giving authorized users the ability to access data stored on different computers on the network. Also A network permits sharing of network and computing resources. Users can access and use resources provided by devices on the network, like printing a document on a shared network printer.


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