wearable biosensor

Do you know what a wearable biosensor is? It is an emerging trend which is used for health monitoring and is expected to alter better treatment and health management of various medical conditions. Moreover these systems, consists various kinds of small transmission modules, processing capabilities and physiological sensors, promise to modify the future of health care, by providing inexpensive wearable unobtrusive solutions for continuous all-day and any-place health, mental and activity status observation.<!–more–>

Wearable Biosensors (WBS) are gaining endless interest today and nowadays they promise to be one of the good developments in the sector of wearable health technology. WBS; a main class of biosensors is good to use for health care, applications related to sports, military etc. In fact fast growths of these devices are on the method which can help to produce benefits like simple to use, low cost and providing real time data. Besides developments in wearable health technology and WBS have evolved to the point that they will be considered ready for all clinical functions.

The use of wearable observation devices or wearable biosensors that permit constant observation of physiological signals is important for the advancement of both the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In addition Wearable systems are devices that permit physicians to overcome the restrictions of technology and provide a response to the requirement for watching people over weeks or months.

Usually Wearable Biosensors consider wireless sensors enclosed in bandages or patches or in items that may be worn. the information sets recorded using these systems are then processed to find events predictive of possible worsening of the patient’s clinical situations and they are explored to access the impact of clinical interventions.what is wearable biosensor
Moreover Today, we will able to see that wearable biosensors are providing out a wave of innovation to the society. Their comfort and better use will give a new level of exposure into a patient’s real time health status. Further this real time information accessibility can permit better clinical decision and can lead to better health results and more efficient use of health systems.

For the human society, wearable biosensors could facilitate in early detection of health events and rejection of hospitalization. Also the use of wearable biosensors to shorten hospital stays. And reduce readmissions can certainly attract favorable attention in the coming future. Also the research statistics says that WBS can certainly bring a cost effective wearable health technology to the society.

Now let us see some of the advantages of wearable biosensors:
  • Promote diagnostic and therapeutic measures
  • Flexible in nature
  • Easy to use
  • Detection of transient phenomenon
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Hospitalization fee can be reduced
  • Accurate
  • Rapid continuous control
Also there are certain disadvantages for using wearable biosensors. Now let us have a look at these:what is wearable biosensor12
  • High initial cost
  • Monitor limited number of physiological parameters
  • Heat sterilization is not possible
  • Battery life is less
Applications of wearable biosensors are the following:
  • Military application
  • Health care
  • Industrial process control
  • Monitoring environmental conditions

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