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Have you heard about Google Analytics?. It is an excellent tool for observation the progress and also the performance of your web site. And yet only a few webmasters are using it. Due to this, blog owners need to be constantly reminded of the essential advantages of Google Analytics in order to further convince others to begin using it for the advantage of their on-line businesses.

The Analytics of Google is absolutely equipped with state-of-the-art tools. And features which will greatly improve the effectiveness of your on-line marketing. Apart from that, you may also tap on the colossal resource of data that’s important to your business. The information that you shall acquire can assist you pinpoint the weaknesses and strengths of your marketing campaign. Thereby providing you with the possibility to create some necessary changes to better suit your internet store and your on-line campaign to the right audiences.what are the benefits of google analytics

Now let us see some of the benefits of using Google analytics:
  • Track the productivity of your social engagement:

    Furthermore one of the latest features of this tool is the social analytics. With the advent of increasing importance of social engagement, social media marketing in today’s world is already an integral part of on-line promotion. Thus it’s something that you just need to do, rather than something that you simply can do. Google Analytics introduced the social tool that allows you to track the performance on every social network all in one dashboard. This protects you a lot of time and efforts. This feature allows you to track the ROI from of your social media marketing campaign. And provides you an outline on the impact of your social engagement to your on-line business.

  • Helps to understand the impact of mobile browsing to your website:

    More and more people nowadays are browsing on-line using their mobiles. With the new mobile feature, you may be able to track the impact of mobile users to your on-line business. If majority of your traffic comes from mobile then all the more reasons for you to begin changing your web site for mobile visitors by properly formatting your contents that creates mobile viewing and browsing easier. This feature can measure the performance of mobile apps; which incorporates the download and the engagement activities of your visitors.

  • Determine the conversion rate of your web store:

    Business owners should know if their on-line shop is converting well or not. This includes understanding where the traffic came from, what keyword are used to get to a particular web content, the demographic location of the traffic sources, and also the bounce rate.what are the benefits of google analytics11

Analyze your content performance: Web content is one among the most important traffic drivers. As a matter of fact without contents, there’ll be fewer options left for visitors to browse through the other pages. If your on-line shop is filled with product and devoid of contents. The credibility of your internet store also will diminish due to the highly industrial nature of the site. That’s why you wish to regularly update your contents and effectively monitor the productivity of each post. In fact by using the content analysis, you’ll be able to determine that content gets the best number of comments and social engagement; as well as that post captures the most number of page views.


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