Web Site Traffic

Undoubtedly you can say that the main purpose of having a website is increased business return through growing traffic. You are expecting a huge amount of traffic or thousands of people to visit your website. So, it is as important as website development to maintainyour website traffic. Put some effort to reach your goal.

The most important threat that affects your traffic is broken links itself. If your website has links to some outside source, make sure to check it from time to time that the link exists or is valid. Especially, there are more chances of broken links if you are linked to an old blog entry or any particular page. Your visitors won’t be taken to that particular link if they are already removed; thereby creating broken links that reduces your search rankings. So, study from experience how often should you check for broken links and internal links.

Leaky Pipeline

Another hindrance to your SEO is leaky pipeline. As you may know, a pipeline is the action you want to be performed by your website visitor. This may be visiting your product link, sign up for a newsletter etc. You have to check for leaks in your pipeline, as a leaky pipeline will lead to lose of potential customers. A leaky pipeline can cause your visitors never return to your website from the links you provided. For example, they might get inside some auto generated pages, never leading back to your website.

Error pages are another severe issue that loses your potential customers. If some links is leading people to some error pages, there is a big chance of that visitor not visiting your website anymore. While people are in search of some product or content from your website, you are responsible to provide it. Remember, you are not only the one who provides a unique service or product. So, don’t ever let your customers jump to your competitor’s website. Identify that whether your subscription forms lead back to your website. This may also lead to lose your prospects.

In short, we can say that inorder to maintain your website with good traffic, you have to:

  • Determine your goals
  • Know your customer/visitor mindset
  • Check for broken links, if any
  • Avoid leaky pipeline
  • Debug error pages
  • Test whether subscriptions lead to your website itself

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