Hope you are all familiar with the role of a web designer and the necessary skills he/she should possess. Have you ever thought that designers should code? I believe a good designer would be able to reconstruct their designs in HTML and CSS only if they know the complications and limitations of programming. A designer can make development easier once understands the coding of a website and see what is under the hood.

Blend your design with ‘your own’ code:

If you are a professional website designer, you might know that the design process is much broader than just the Adobe suite. So, design your Dream Website not only with Photoshop, but also with HTML and CSS. A good web designer should be creative as well as technical savvy. Also, designers should possess the skill to design cool graphics and make them interact with people. You can get a higher level of satisfaction if you could give life to your designs. So, blend your beautiful designs with coding. Spend some time in discovering new color schemes & layouts and also worry about optimizing your code and button fades with mouth stats.

New Tools:

With the advent of HTML5, jQuery, WordPress, Expression Engine and whole host of other CMS’s, coding libraries and languages, designers are forced to learn code. For dynamic websites, HTML5 and CSS3 provide the designer with more freedom to design. CSS properties like gradients, shadows and transformations let designers to avoid large and sliced background images to design. CSS can almost fully replace Photoshop and HTML5 offers tools for video rendering and animation. WordPress has allowed a simple way in which designers can build a website quickly without hiring a PHP developer to do it for them. Expression Engine is a CMS that allows full CMS features and keeps the code simple.

Your Workplace:

In certain (almost) companies, we can see designers and developers separated by walls. They even don’t see each other. Either companies should hire a person who can do design and code, both. Else, a better idea is to develop a hybrid team of designers and developers. So, I prefer hiring a developer with design knowledge and a designer who knows coding.

The Design Mindset:





Designers particularly care about things like fonts, pixels, drop shadows, lines, composition etc. They used to argue with developer or project manager about button placement or a slight difference in a color, during a single project. If you could learn coding, you can become some more valuable. SO, if you ask me whether designers have to learn code, I can easily say, yes.


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