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Many merchants are not aware that the design of their website, from the landing page to the shopping cart; will have a direct impact on the success of their sales. Your conversion rates will all hinge on the smallest of design elements; which implies that every decision you make should be done with cautious consideration of your customers.

All businesses need their customer’s shopping experience to be as intuitive and pleasant as possible, however some get carried away with their designs; resulting in flashy animations and awkward features which may slow down a browser and cause problems.

An important part of ensuring that your website appeals to your target market and draws in as many potential customers as possible, is performing regular A/B tests. There are various ways in which different elements of design will have an impression on your visitors. And testing helps to put into perspective whether your website options are having a positive, or negative effect on sales.

Begin with your product pagesweb development tricks and tips to improve online sales11

Neatly organizing the product pages within your website is an important part of helping you to attract customers using appealing information and interesting design. Consider what your client needs to see, and make sure that they have direct access to it.

Reviews are often a vital part of gaining the trust of a new shopper. But they do not need to be the first thing a consumer sees. Too many elements cluttered onto one page can be confusing. And you may benefit from having a clearly marked tab for users to click on if they need to examine the reviews of the product. Remember, the first element on any product page should be the image of the product, the name, description, and price.  Your client needs to see specifically what he or she will be obtaining for an exact amount of money.

Optimize your ‘Add-to-Cart’ Buttons

Visitors need clear and concise directions. When you’re making an ‘Add-to-cart’ button, it shouldn’t be something that contains a vague message like ‘learn more’ or ‘see details’. Provide a button that is straight to the point and direct, ‘Buy now’ is ideal, and provides a call to action which may elicit a more positive response from your customers. Another important thing to remember with these buttons is that color matters.

Make your Shopping Cart visibleweb development tricks and tips to improve online sales12

Once a client adds a product to their shopping cart, they need to know that the item they have selected has been registered. This suggests that you should have an element on your website page throughout the shopping method that lists the number of items your client has added to a cart, as well as other relevant information for checkout.

Get rid of Check-out Distractions

When your client finally progresses to the checkout stage of purchase. You want them to be moving in a particular direction. This implies that when you design a checkout. You have to remove items like sidebar navigation in order to encourage a direct route to the goal. Typically, checkouts with a single page experience the highest rates of conversion. And simplifying your checkout method is a great way to enhance your possibilities of a completed sale.


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