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Web Design Trends 2012: Hope this year was doing well till now. How is your business going? Being in the website development industry, Web India Solutions wishes to discuss with you the latest or hot web design trends in this year. Trends are always trending! Yeah, but they are really a necessity to grow and study new facts. Now, is it possible for you to create a new trend? Yes. By expanding and researching upon these trends, you can own them.Below listed are web design trends seen in 2012. Most probably, you might  have recognized some of these trends already.Responsive WebsitesResponsive websites are still a new word to many of you. Even some website designers are still unaware of it. I am not sure whether these types of websites become reality this year itself. Responsive web design is based on three technical aspects:

  1. Media queries
  2. A flexible grid-based layout
  3. Flexible images and media


Anyway what I feel personally is that the adoption of new mobile devices may make this year, the year of responsive websites.

Fixed Point Navigation

You might be familiar with this technique on personal websites or individual blogs. For a website with less main navigation, there is only need to provide a few small links. This will add to the performance of your website that blends with the overall page layout with ease. Fixed point navigation keeps the navigation bar and internal links within the content itself while the visitors scroll through it. jQuery is implemented in this effect. CSS code to replicate this fixed navigation effect.

Screen resolution problems will be removed and this navigation system is easy to work with mobile browsers also.


With CSS3, we can create fancy box effects rather than drop shadows and rounded corners. It is possible for designers to design circles and other shapes without need of any images. Among all shapes, circle can attract your visitors’ eye more easily. This shape is just smooth, pleasing and delightful.

Multi-Column Menus

Some websites are with too many links to handle. So, the standard form of navigation that you are using may become messy or congested. So, you might need to move some links to the sidebar. Multi-column menu is the best answer to all these problems through which you can easily display numerous links to your visitors.

Just do a research on design trends and make your own trend by reforming standard navigation.

 Ribbons & Banner Graphics

There are many designers who have started jumping into this design element. As designing ribbons and banners are easier, most of you might have already adopted this one.

Focus on Simplicity

If you belong to website design industry, you may know that the main thing a good website should possess is easy navigation. So, depend on simple interfaces. So, do a thorough research on your website navigation, page hierarchy, content area etc.


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