Web Design or SEO

So, today our question is what is more important, web design or SEO? It’s a bit confusing question. Let me explain it using some examples. You may have seen some sites which are almost impossible for anyone to read. Do you know why the site is done like it? Do they have any benefit in doing something like that? The answer is yes! It is done purposely. The use of more and more keywords is considered as a means of SEO. That is to attain search engine ranking. But the worst fact is that such websites no longer attract visitors. They can’t convey their message clearly to the customers. Truly saying, the site will be a failure.

There is another class of sites which are very much attractive, to which the customers will stick on. It is due to the use of excellent graphic design and animations. But a problem here is such sites are almost invisible to search engines. Broadly speaking, if a web site focuses purely on graphic design without considering SEO, you will get a website that no-one will ever see.

So, at this point of view, what should we do? SEO or Design? So what you should do is to ensure is to ensure that website is both attractive to both humans and search engines. The First step to attain this is planning. You should be having a clear idea of how your website should like. Make sure that your your designer understands what your company aims at, about your target market, and what your customers’ needs… He should also be clear about the message you want to convey to the visitors.

SEO and Design are essential components

Concentrating on design does not mean including lots of graphics and animations here and there. What is needed is to create a simple and professional design that creates an impression on the visitors. Another important factor that you should consider is the quality of the content. So many well designed web sites fail dismally in SEO ranking because there simply isn’t enough well crafted content to enable keywords and phrases to be optimized.

One Significant significant mistake ecommerce site owners make is to simply copy product descriptions from the manufacturers’ brochures. So, be careful while adding the contents to the site. The content should be clear, brief and should properly convey your message. So, we can conclude that, both SEO and Design are essential components while developing a website. Web design and SEO both go hand in hand


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