Even with all the technology that dominates our daily lives, several small business owners are still left uninformed and annoyed regarding the “back end” advantages of having an online presence. You know you need a website with data regarding your product or services; need SEO so people will notice your website; require a Facebook Page so social media addicts will follow your business for whatever reason.

But no matter what you know, it’s overwhelming. It’s confusing. Your specialty is, not all this web stuff! Read on for a simple break down of how to optimize an online presence for your business for the best possible return on investment.

Website Developmentways to optimize your onlie presence for higher ROI11
  • Hire a professional website developer.
  • Expect to spend minimum of $1200 and maximum of $3000 for the development of a website.
  • Do not cut corners with website development! An unprofessional website with sloppy design or generic web templates will create the first impression that your business isn’t committed to quality.
  • Do select a web developer who you can build an extended term relationship with. You will need them for support and guidance. Before you hire any professional, examine the method you communicate and if it’s effective or feels like a waste of your time.
  • Do not be kept in the dark regarding anything. Get involved, as a result of it is your brand on the line.
  • Do expect to pay for graphic design, coding, and copy-writing as separate services. They’re all equally necessary services for a quality website.
  • Do find inspiration, however don’t mirror any existing websites. A quality website stands out and gets your attention, a useless website is “just like the rest.”

As the core function of your entire online presence, expect to invest more on website development than any other service. The more you invest, the more you get back. A premium website could feel expensive compared to cheaper alternatives but the difference is that a premium website generates a return while the alternatives turn out to be a complete waste of money… and you’ll most likely have to begin back over at situation.

Search Engine Optimizationways to optimize your onlie presence for higher ROI12
  • Work with someone who understands your business.
  • SEO is included in website development. This is mostly limited to on-page optimization and doesn’t cover something off website.
  • If you own a small business that only provides services in a specific region, do search for an SEO service provider that lives in or is familiar with that same region and is experienced with local SEO services. Most web based SEO providers use an approach that overlooks the advantage of local search engine optimization for tiny businesses.
Social Media

This is where most people begin building an online presence for their business. For beginners, social network accounts are free. More significantly, you probably already know how to use these sites based on personal experience. However, you probably don’t know how to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) effectively for marketing a business.

Managing Brand Reputation Online

For some tiny businesses, there may be additional ways to boost the ROI of your online presence through interaction. For service providers that may be listed on review-driven websites, make sure to reply to all reviews (both positive and negative) in a manner that will benefit the method others view your brand.


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