Google ranking

You might have heard about the recent algorithm changes made by Google known as Panda. So, there are certain things to be done right now, in order to improve your search rankings on the web. With keeping the recent changes in Google Panda, these are certain tips to improve your search rankings.


Write for visitors, not only for search engines.

There are certain websites with high search rankings, but low quality content in them. Google has monitored these websites and now, such sites with poor content are getting penalized with low search rankings. So, put some quality content for your audience, and then for search engines. Please don’t stuff your blog with keywords.

Incoming links

Google ‘appreciates’ sites with more internal links. It considers this site as a good one and thus increases its search rankings. So, improve your website content with more internal links for better SEO.

Social Networks

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are great sources of high traffic to your website. Make a vast research on how social networking sites can improve your Google rankings. Sharing links, blogging, tweeting etc are important factors that improve your rank.

Meta tags

Along with the high quality content you have published, enter the description and Meta tags precisely. These help your visitors to find the information they are in search of, more quickly. Remember, if the Meta tags that you have entered are not even related to the content you posted, your search rankings will be degraded.

Duplicate content

As we all know, Google is the most widely used and trusted search engine. It shows only most relevant and original content in its search results. So, you have to omit duplicate content for not being omitted by Google. It will not show all the sites with same content; instead it hides those with duplicate content.


Advertising is surely a source of revenue from your website. I have already discussed in my previous post the negative impact of massive advertising. A website with huge advertising affects its content. So, aim at quality content; not on advertising revenues.

To conclude, we can say the higher quality content you have higher will be your search rankings. Include good content with more incoming links inorder to your website to reach top of search engines.


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