Today, the role of social media in technology has increased. People use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. for different purposes. We know that Facebook is the network with more active users. You must have a Facebook engagement strategy. This helps you to encourage your customer, fans and future customers to interact with your brand.

Facebook page likes are important as they assist you to enhance our blog traffic. Now think how those fake likes offers traffic to your blog. Usually likes are done by using fake accounts that are created to like other’s pages only. But nowadays the information that you share with others will facilitate you to gain really targeted likes from your blog visitors. Repeatedly your blog readers like your blog posts and you can use those likes to extend your Facebook page likes.

Now we can see some of the techniques that help to increase your Facebook page likes and tips to improve your sales using social media.Tricks to increase your Facebook page likes

  • Create a content that is shareable: Content is nice, but you need to have the Shareable content. Shareable content is thus important because it has great information’s. It is general concept that the people who look the contents don’t simply want to give a like. They also need to share it on their page and make their friend and family to know about the content. Shareable content can increase your likes because it puts your brand and your name in front of the people. Especially, it brings your brand in front of people even who aren’t your current fan.
  • Tag yourself: This is a very easy trick that you will be hitting yourself for doing it before. You can tag yourself in every post that is relative to your title. Make sure that your content is shareable, so that your content can show up on the newsfeed of others.
  • Always be dependable: Be consistent in your posts. 2-3 is good for a bigger fan page, but one post per day is little and it’s not enough. Most of your target audience don\’t leave the page if you keep on with 2-3 posts per day.Tricks to increase your Facebook page likes11
  • Consider the timing: It’s essential to think about the timing that the majority people are on Facebook. Every audience differs but generally mornings and afternoons work best. To catch the attention of the International audience you may make sense to post during best times for those time zones.
  • Give an attractive profile picture: A picture says thousands of words, so to actually optimize your business page you must use the largest profile picture available.
  • Get more Facebook friends: If you have more friends there is a better chance that some of your friends will join your fan page. You can also suggest people those have many mutual friends.
  • You can install commenting on your landing page: You can allow people to comment on your page, even if they are not a fan of you. This helps you to get more traffic to your page.

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