Improve the Page Rank

Do you know what the importance of page rank is? Page rank is an indication of your website’s visibility in search engine. That is, if more visitors visited your website, the page rank will be higher. But to improve your site ranking, you must have more visitors to your site. For this you have to make certain changes in your website.
First of all, you must have quality links leading to your website. Quality links are obtained from those pages that have quality links for their sites. If you have a link that is not good or harmful, then it can greatly affect your site’s ranking. It may sometimes lead to penalties. It may take years or months to recover from such penalties. But if you have more links it will help to improve your site’s ranking in search engine.

Next important factor that you must take into consideration is the weightage given to your title tag. The title tag is given within the head section of your website. If you employ a web editor that automatically inserts a title like \”New Document\”, keep in mind to vary it to some significant text along with your keywords within to reap the good thing about this feature. Otherwise, your web site can only feature within the search results when someone looks for \”New Document\”.page2

Site Ranking

Another important feature that you have to consider to improve site ranking is to use relevant content for your website. Search engines love quality and distinctive content that is been updated on a regular basis and therefore the search engines can crawl your web site very often. The contents of your page must be optimized for keywords used in your site. The recent content of your website can attract other webmasters to link to your site that may provide you with a precious one way inbound links. Also updating the contents regularly will affect the site ranking.

The next important method is to use alt tag for your images and videos. Always describe your visual and video media using alt tags, or alternative text descriptions. They permit search engines to find your page that is crucial, especially for those that use text-only browsers.

In order to maintain your site’s visibility, all the links must be properly placed. For this you have to check whether, if there is any broken links. If you detect any broken links, then you have to fix it. For this you can use broken link checker for Word press and broken link checker websites. The backlinks are also helpful to maintain your site’s visibility. So you have to maintain a consistency in backlinks.

Site’s Visibility

Next to improve the site’s visibility, you can create and submit your sitemap. It is a text file which gives the pages of your site. They are used to determine the importance of your webpage. It also make easier for the search engine to find all the links and contents of your webpage. There are many websites that are used to generate the sitemap or you can create your own sitemap.

If you are able to translate your webpage in other languages, then it will help you to get more traffic to your site. Thereby the page rank of your site will increase. Also providing RSS feed can also bring new readers to your site as well as to maintain the existing readers. This can also contribute to increase your site ranking.



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