Survival of SEO 2015

We know that SEO plays a major role in attaining high page rank. Also SEO has modified dramatically. In 2014, the Panda updates alone created content chaos for several web site owners. In 2015, several SEO specialists are involved concerning the changes ahead, but there is no need for concern for those who learn to form a sustainable SEO plan.

In 2014, the pigeon update modified local search results, the HTTPS/SSL update provide more credibility to sites, and the Panda updates improved the content found on pages everywhere. For those who are in search industry, but don’t take SEO as seriously as search engines want them to, 2015 is definitely going to be very tough. And those who believing in creating a sustainable SEO plan can most likely move on a safer path.

Now let us see some of the tips to create a sustainable SEO campaign to survive the changes in 2015.Tips for survival of SEO in 201511
  • Create quality content:

    Google can identify high quality content, and can identify low quality content, or unoriginal text. If you want to have success in 2015, you need to work on making high quality content for your web site. Google rewards sites that provide consistent top-notch content, and with those rewards can provide more traffic, business, and revenue. So, try for quality over quantity.

  • Try to use organic outreach to build links:

    Links are still an extremely important part of SEO campaigns, but in 2015, the only way to have the benefit of links is to get them organically. If you’re unsure how to get organic links, the answer is easy; write engaging; high-quality content that’s shared with people who are interested; and who want to link to your web site. Avoid the negative links that could harm the ranking of your site, or penalize your site.

  • Write good title tags:

    Title tags have been a major factor in SEO. They’re still the most important part of any campaign. Writing a good title tag should read like a headline than a bunch or keywords. Therefore keep it descriptive, but still the keywords should be included.

  • Make people talk about your brand:

    Make people talk about your brand, and mention about your brand on their web site, or any web site for that matter. Google have experimented with the theory of ranking that the mention factor involved many years ago, as things have evolved in the last year, it’s safe to say it may be a large factor in 2015. Moreover the higher quality your content; the more useful your shared data; and the higher your reputation increases the possibilities that you will be mentioned throughout a range of platforms.

  • Use SEO friendly URLs:

    Having an SEO-friendly URL is simple once using a management system, like WordPress. This is often not a large part of your SEO campaign, and it’s not a large signal for the search engines. But it creates a better-organized website, provides users a clear image of what the site is about, and will increase SERPs slightly.Tips for survival of SEO in 201512

  • Have a fast load time:

    Reducing your load time by several seconds might have a large impact on your sites popularity with both the search engines, and users.

  • Get social:

    Social media platform have a large impact on the ranking of your site. Search engine algorithms already include social media platforms to improve ranking of your site in SERPs.

  • Get mobile:

    Mobile optimization is becoming more important to SEO. In order to compete, you need to have a mobile marketing plan in place, and have your web site optimized for mobile use. With so many individuals using smartphones and tablet for their web search. It’s imperative that you have a plan ready to compete for their business.


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