Improving your Website

When one visits a websites on the Internet, the first thing he notices right away is the design of the website. To easily impress one with your website, Web India Solutions will offer you a variety of tips for improving your own website. Use the following tips to help keep visitors coming back to your site.

Visual appeal 

Creating a professional-looking website that is easier and affordable. There are online service providers who make building a website easy and others who specialize in building websites specifically for the accounting industry.

Easy navigation

Being able to quickly navigate a website will keep visitors on the website longer. People will only stay on a website for an average of thirty seconds unless they find what they are looking for.

Keep your pages fast-loading

Web users are impatient. Don’t force visitors to wait before they can enter your site. Always provide a “Skip” or “Stop” button when using elements JavaScript-enabled introductions or QuickTime movies.

Avoid “Under Construction” Signs

By definition, Web documents change over time. Either your pages are useful to people or they’re not you should not be ready to show them to the world and shouldn’t be making them public.

Avoid Dead-End Pages

Always offer your customers a way out of a page. This includes a link to the main main page on every page. Users are becoming increasingly accustomed to a navigation bar that links to all the sections of a site, and logos that act as a navigation link to the home page.

Avoid using Flash and images as text

Do not use Flash-based site navigation tools and don’t dare to create content text that is in image form. In the case of Flash navigation, the search bot won’t be able to index the pages the flash navigation links to, leaving parts of your website without being indexed. In the case of image-based text, any useful information and keywords you put there will be invisible to the search engine. Stick to site browsing code like jQuery or CSS and create purely text-based written content.

Make Your Forms Flexible

Make your forms flexible by limiting the number of required fields. Also, make errors easy to find and correct. If users have incorrectly entered a phone number, they shouldn’t need to complete the entire form again.

Don’t force people to download any special plug-ins

Nowadays lots of people using XP don’t even know that an information bar
popped in asking them to install an activex control. They ignore it and missed your entire message. No plugins for most sites – there are some exceptions like a game site or movie site.

Provide a sitemap

A sitemap is the mark of a good website. Sitemaps give the skeleton of an entire site on a single webpage with all links. As site maps are specifically meant to provide site information they can lead to efficient browsing.

Give your visitor what he is looking for

Provide only relevant information on your homepage that is specific to your end end users. Web logs are the best means of finding out which keyword your visitor used and for what purpose he could have visited your website.

Don’t Overuse Pop-ups

Using pop-ups can be an effective way to get a higher response to your offer. But don’t overuse and abuse them. They’re good marketing tools if you use them wisely. Pop-ups are best used to offer something of high value to your site visitors… something that you know they’re very interested in. Make an offer that they can’t resist!


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