Designing an E-Commerce Website

E-commerce website is very important for many business or organizations. It is also very important in getting more clients for your business. But there are certain differences in designing an e-commerce website and a normal website. Making business through the internet is usually referred as E-commerce. Hence e-commerce plays an important role in reaching out to many people who are searching for your products online.

There are many advantages of using an E-commerce website. Now let us have a look at some of these:

  • Exposure:

    Many of the visitors on the web are aware about your products.Tips for designing an E.commerce website11

  • Time constraint:

    Many of the people do not have time to visit your physical store. But if you have an online store it enables your customers to reach you better and soon.

  • Easy to maintain and set up:

    Setting up and maintaining a shop in a place, overhead expenses, hiring staff etc. creates a lot of expenses. But if you are using e-commerce website it is very easy for you to illustrate and supply information about your products.

  • Advertising is cheaper:

    If you want to advertise your shop and its goods it takes a lot of time. But using internet for advertising your website, is much cheaper when compared to other audio-visual newspapers like radio or TV.

So to create a user friendly website here is certain tips that you can handle. Now let us see some of these:

  1. Make it a pleasing experience for user while browsing your website. Make your website easy and dignified without using much more art work within it.
  2. If your website includes a simple and clear system of filters by distinct parameters, even the most choosey client will relish utilizing your website.
  3. When a user doesn’t realize the product he need, he may look for a search box. So it is necessary to keep the search box visible.
  4. From the perspective of a business, it is good to change the out of stock products as they may disappoint the user. But from the SEO point of view it’s not advisable to change the details of the products.
  5. The photos of the product quality should be excellent. The user should feel that he has glimpsed the product for genuine. It’s advisable even to place a 3D image or a video regarding the product. These will attract the user to the core.Tips for designing an E.commerce website12
  6. Try to place the shopping cart where it’s handy for the client to identify it. You can attach the photographs of the product selected to the cart.
  7. SEO is an important tool and it plays a major role in success. You have to make sure that the design has to go well with the SEO.
  8. Make sure that you place the social media icons in the website. This is actually a type of free advertisement. You can make it visible to the user as you can easily get many advantages from them.

So these are certain tips that an e-commerce website designer has to follow while designing your e-commerce website.


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