Natural Backlinks

Back links are an effective method to increase your Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking. Regardless to the updates of Google algorithm, back linking plays a major role in building your search engine presence online. If you are spending money in getting back links or get it manually, it becomes necessary to make it look like you are getting them naturally.

If you’re still using spammy processes and other tricky ways to create your web site to get higher search engine ranks, Google can eventually realize those techniques and you’ll have to face a penalty for your wrong activity. Google is searching for the websites that are gaining natural links and respect from other websites by creating quality. And original content which will attract more readers. So it’s important to create natural back link profiles to your web site since Google is removing the websites with unnatural or suspicious back link for creating natural backlinks11

Therefore, if you’re completely involved with the back links you get instead of simply sitting back and taking whatever comes at you via your ‘too awesome for terms!’ content, then don’t raise any specific flags thereby making it simple for Google to reduce your hard-earned back links. Now let us see some of the tips that help you to make your link profile look as natural as possible.

  • Vary your Anchor text

    Targeting one specific term and building links with exactly the same anchor text and description isn’t a good plan. Instead attempt to gain links that have varied versions of your preferred anchor text. For example, if your main term to search was “online college degrees” you may also target; ‘college degrees online’; ‘online colleges and degrees’ and even ‘degrees and colleges online’. Also get some links that are simply straight URLs as not every website would naturally link to you using anchor text or keywords.

  • Don’t just focus on pages with high page rank

    Again, in the natural realm of things, not each website that links to yours would have high PR. Don’t be afraid to ask for; or spend your money, on back links from pages that are of excellent quality and indexed, but maybe don’t have lots of PageRank. They’re not a waste of your time if they’re assisting to balance out your link profile.

  • Remember your inner pages

    Don’t focus your campaign entirely on gaining links to the homepage. Select important inner pages and obtain links to those too. By doing this you can show Google that your content is gathering interest.

  • Get different types of links

    There are various kinds of back links, one with editorial style being the best. Definitely attempt to score these but don’t focus completely on anyone type of link. Also try to gain links from blog-rolls/sidebars, resource type pages, social media sites, quality directory listings, awards and sponsorship etc. basically anywhere it is sensible for your website to be listed or mentioned.

  • Keep away from link schemes

    Avoid automatic link programs and spammy “submit site” or “add URL” type of sites. Showing in these places only tips for creating natural backlinks12tells Google that you may be actively seeking links to extend your popularity. Concentrate on getting links that not just everyone can have.

  • Make the link velocity slow and steady

    Unless your website has recently been mentioned on CNN or created the homepage of Digg, be cautious of the rate at which you’re gaining your manual links. Just keep in mind, it isn’t only the sheer number of links that matters in the long run but the standard of the sites linking to you.


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