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Business organizations working today have talented online marketing personals employed. But even with the most talented group of marketing people, sometimes we have to do a bit of copywriting ourselves. Even the busiest business owners and executives get tasked with a bit of occasional article or emails and it is very difficult to convey the key message in a short and précised manner. Let us go through some tips for online writing.

1. Only one customer!

Keep in mind that we have only one customer and we need just not to satisfy that customer but to get that customer delighted. If we write an online article keeping in mind that we are doing it for a single person, it will give a one-on-one meeting effect for the readers. And if the reader feels it appealing then they will dig out the key message from our article. We don’t have to worry much.

2. Be clear!

We need to say what we mean clearly and transparently. So much use of our language skills will not create an impression of good writer. Rather, it will come across as jargon very easily. We need to use simple language and convey the message clearly as the reader will understand easily without having a dictionary in hand!

3. Support your statements with proof!

If we are saying something against which is commonly accepted or what is commonly followed, we need to support our statement with something credible. Mostly, a statistical analysis or case study will do the work. If none of these are available a personal story or a testimonial from a customer can be helpful. People usually doubt what is unconventional or what is different, so we need to cover the back of our statement in all possible ways.

4. End up with a valid point!

Every marketing communication you make need to end with a definite conclusion. People might read all your article but where they stops, that will be in their mind. We need to end up the article (whether it is an email or blog) with a call to action or with a strong conclusion, or both! We can call the customer to take the next step like giving a reply or sharing an opinion. It is simple that, if we don’t ask for a response, we won’t get!

5. Cross check the writing.

Write once and edit twice is a good practice in online writing. In the first draft you can put together the points you want to convey. While editing, you can organize your points in a structural way. In the second edit, you can avoid what is not necessary to tell your story or can add something more relevant to the topic. So, writing once and editing more is a good thing to do in online writing.

6. Read the document loudly!

It is obvious that we will make mistakes while writing and even we may not be able to correct it while editing. This is because while editing, most of the time, we concentrate on the matter we want to convey and arranging it in an orderly way and not for other mistakes. Most of the typos and grammatical mistakes can be avoided by reading the article loud before sending the same.

7. DO not publish, if you have to take it back!

In this time where a single ill-advised email, blog or message creates lot of problems for the creator, we need to take utmost care before sending anything over the internet. Be sure that what you are sending is what you really mean to send and not something you want to keep in private. Once sent to your friend or to all of your friends, or posted in the internet what is not necessary, will affect your credibility.

You may add more valuable points to improve online writing and that is what this article is intended for. Come up with improvised ideas an share It to the world where people are waiting for some tips.


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