Digital Art

Digital Art has taken place in the heart of people from the earliest methods of drawings and classical paintings. By the arrival of digital painting software’s and tools, people has found many opportunities in their career. They found it’s more easier and comfortable for them.

The exciting thing is Google has brought another new innovation, it’s an Application based on Virtual Reality Technology named “Tilt Brush”. Tilt Brush can be used for painting and drawing from an extremely   different perspective. The supporting products are officially launched by HTC Vine.

Tilt Brush Application

Tilt Brush Application can bring up your artistic skills and creativity from any angle. Moreover you can easily draw in any three dimensional space using the VR Motion tools and apps.

Paint anywhere by wavering your hands. Any three dimensional space is a blank art book for you. You can step around, in and through your drawing, it’s all because of the Virtual reality technology. Also material pallets like fire, Stars and snowflakes are available. As a matter of fact It’s very useful for painters, Street artists and even animators and 3d artists.

Now you can easily unleash your creativity and imagination with the 3D brush strokes and color pallets. Also enjoy endless fun with all set of dynamic brushes, walk around and draw any time and share its GIF outputs.


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