Things you are not aware of the RIO 2016 Olympics LOGO.

RIO 2016 Olympics

How do we create a logo design for the most complex visual identity in the world. And the Olympic game was tough for any firm because it’s really hard to satisfy and target the audience on the entire World.

Design agencies

In the month of September 2009, Brazilian agency Tatil beat 138 Design agencies to win the RIO 2016 Olympics project. The Tatil brought the whole team including the IT department and receptionists into the design project. The team created 50 different logos before finalizing the design.

Logo Color

On the evening of New Year, the 2016 emblem was revealed to the world. The whole color scheme reflect RIO’S environment. Yellow symbolizes the Sun, Blue is the Sea and Green denote the Forest. As a matter of fact the logo got inspired from the harmonic diversity and the contagious energy of Brazil’s people. The logo is shaped from the Sugarloaf Mountains of the City.


This logo is the prettiest of this century. It is an archetype. The mountain shape makes the logo so strong because it had a good meaning and culture with union and force. In fact the response from the people around the world was amazingly positive. The mayor of RIO said he could see ‘RIO’ in the logo.