Things Not To Be Done On Facebook

I have seen many people doing repeated mistakes while using Facebook. In this post, we just have a glance at certain points where we should take care.

Creating Multiple Profiles:

If you are having two accounts, and if Facebook catches you, they will shut your account down. Also, there is no need of cr

eating two profiles to one person. It is simply like having dual personality. It becomes very tough to update the two accounts all the time. Also, the lines between personal and professional profiles are always blurring. And if you don’t want to make a transparent cover between your personal and professional images, you can change this at privacy settings in Facebook. So, it is really useless to create multiple profiles in Facebook.

Creating Business Profile Instead of a Page

If you own a business, then you should have a business page on FB , not another profile. To make your business incredible and increase value to your business, Facebook fan page has enough options to you. To get the effective marketing experience from FB , you have to create a FB fan page. Don’t think that creating a profile for your business will do more than creating a page, you are wrong.

Turning Off Wall Posts for Your Business Page

The main agenda behind FB is to make your business social. It comes up with more customer interaction, business engagement and many more. So, it is not wise to turn off comments on your business page. This is hindering the actual pupose of social media.

Not Updating Your Business Page


Creating a page and leaving as such will not do anything. Frequent updation of your FB fan page is needed. Adding valuable comment, engaging with customers etc are needed. As I always tell, add some viral content. Today, Facebook has proved to be a valuable business tool for business. So, make use of it to the maximum.

If you have made any mistakes being in Facebook or if you have seen somebody doing mistakes in Facebook, share with us. We can learn more by erasing all our mistakes together.


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