Negative Reviews

If you’re obtaining plenty of negative reviews, nothing can save you. Yet, if you get only the occasional negative review, people may look to your response to see whether the review was fair or not. Just like everything in life, there’s a right way and wrong way to do things. when you’re looking for the right way to reply to negative reviews, the challenge is knowing regarding which is right and which is wrong…and when and how to take that next step.

The client has more control now over the customer experience, and that’s specifically how it should be. Take the hint and be proactive… say it with me now: “the client is usually right!” Remember that you wouldn’t have a business if people weren’t there to provide you money in exchange for product or services. Whoever you’re, and whatever you do, putting client experience as a high priority is the “secret” behind every successful business.the proper way to respond to negative users11

Here are some methods to be proactive and avoid obtaining the negative reviews that can cripple your business… perhaps even earning the positive reviews that may bring you new customers!

  • Screen staff carefully, selecting the staff who can go above and beyond to keep up the principles of your brand.
  • Make sure that management keeps high levels of control over providing customers with a positive experience.
  • Respond to reviews published online-both positive and negative. Apologize to upset reviewers and provide a solution. Other users will be able to tell if a bad review is just a difficult person. Also thank positive reviewers for their patronage and provides a sincere compliment.
  • You should never remove a bad review. Instead respond to it appropriately.
  • Make sure that your responses are professional.
  • In some cases you are not wrong, so don’t apologize. You should apologize for their bad experience however not for making a mistake.

However, even with an emphasis on quality… some customers are just difficult. Regardless of what you do, they’re unhappy. If an apology and solution does not help, there are essentially two ways you can react: the proper method, or the wrong method.

  • Take a note of your customer’s feedback. It will help you.the proper way to respond to negative users12
  • Do not let it ruin the method you do business, unless it’s a complaint you receive usually. In that case, listen to what your customers are saying and alter the method you do business.
  • Do continue the conversation in public, if that is what it takes to communicate with this upset customer. As long as you\’re in the right, others can publically see the effort you put in to providing a positive client experience. In the end it’s not regarding “winning or losing”… but this communication might also result in more exposure to new customers.
  • Do not delete negative comments. This is virtually the worst thing you can do.

Regularly keep up with reviews, and make certain you know where to seem for them. The faster you react, the better. If you leave a bad review unanswered for too long, reviews for your poor online client service will increase.


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