The Cashless Move is Up- Are you Online Smart?

The Indian Government took a decision that may look like a spurt of a decision for many; but the truth is that they had done it with quite a bit of foresight. It is true that we all experienced the shock and unprecedented acceptance of the fact that 1000 and 500 Indian rupee notes are invalid from November 2016 onwards.

This decision did bring Mother India to a standstill over the past two months, but now I guess we are getting back in shape. The point that people of all sections of society may not seem to have custody of such large value notes and hence shopping becomes a very difficult situation to handle.

What is the option now?

The option is nonetheless, being cashless. You can now be safe, use online modes to shop all what you want from basic necessities to luxury goods. This is sometimes not as easy as I say, but if you are a business person or plan to do business, think and act smart.  We have only one solution that helps curb the ready cash issue- set up online stores.

You have a product or a service that you need sell, make sure that you set up an ecommerce store that can allow customers to see the products and even make online payments. Online payments are always safe, calculated and well recorded. So, people do not have to scurry around worrying how to pay smaller amounts or obtaining the change for large values.

Know the trends
  1. Online Shopping was kinda of looked with a skeptical eye about 10 years back. But now, people have seen the advantages of this mode of shopping and have been switching to this mode in fast numbers in the coming years.
  2. In the past, people were more skeptical about using virtual services. Now, over the years, when they see the convenience of online shopping, plus its attractive offers like discounts, home delivery, and the fact that you can visit multiple stores and purchase at less than one fourth the cost; than if you had to visit the physical stores.
  3. Now with the less movement of physical cash, shopping can come to a standstill. So move ahead of the cash wave, and launch cute and stunning online stores.

Think different and you will lead the way. If you need any suggestions, promos works or create a fabulous online ecommerce website from scratch, just get in touch with  :


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