The Best Websites to learn Web Design and Development

Do you want to design and develop a website of your own? Then, online tutorial sites are the best way to start learning web design and development. Website development is always an interesting field for those who love to design or code to develop some awesome websites. There are so many online tutorials available today. Most of the sites are updated frequently to include new contents.  But it’s quite difficult to find which the best one is. Here in this article, I am going to discuss about few excellent websites where you can learn or increase knowledge about web programming. You should go through every site to get more information.


W3School is one of the best tutorial sites for beginners and experts. This site is really helpful to learn basics of every programming language like HTML, CSS, ASP.Net, PHP, Jquery etc. If you are a beginner in web development, then I would suggest W3School.

Nettuts is a very useful blog and community for those who want to learn web design and development. This site is mainly designed for web developers and designers to improve their design and coding skills. This site covers HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS’s, PHP and Ruby on Rails.
3. LYNDA.COM is an awesome tutorial site for any beginners, intermediates or advance programmers. This site will simply teach any programming language with their video tutorials. But you should have membership in this website by paying some amount of money. This site does not provide free courses. But you can take a free trial for 1 week. If you like the trial, then you can have a membership plan to get unlimited access to their incredible learning courses.
HTML Code Tutorial is a complete guide for any HTML beginners. On this website, you can see many tutorials with detailed examples. This site offers basic HTML, CSS, frames and many more.
Web Designer Wall is actually a blog that presents new design ideas, new trends and tutorials. This blog is considered as very useful because of its quality contents and stunning tutorials. This blog will be very helpful for those who need extra knowledge about web design and development.
Tizag is a site aimed at beginner web programmers offering tutorials and articles on HTML, CSS, PHP, Web host Guide, Scripting, Databases, Flash etc. Any beginner can learn the course very fast from this site.
HTML Dog is a frequently updating site and a good guide to HTML, CSS and Javascript tutorials. In this site, every tutorial is explained very clearly with a bunch of examples. The contents of this site are more readable and easier to understand.
Web Monkey is a very helpful online resource for beginners, intermediates or advance programmers of all skill levels. On this website, you will find articles for design and develop websites. This site is free for public. Besides that, this site is providing cheat sheet and color chart to make the tutorial easier.
Quackit can make a beginner to an advanced programmer. They start the tutorial slowly by teaching the basics of HTML and CSS and finish the tutorial with more advanced topics to add more features to the website. The tutorial contains HTML Tutorial, CSS & Design, Scripting, Database, Website Hosting and XML.
Free Webmaster Help presents free course for a webmaster needs. This website contains so many high quality tutorials and exclusive articles. The articles will deal with the most popular and important issues which relates to a web development. This site offers the best tutorials, articles, tools, templates, directory and a special Help section.
Code School contains unlimited courses with video lessons, programming challenges, and screen shots for any beginner to advanced levels. This site will help you to learn web technologies in your own browser. Code school offers you badges and rewards for each course you learn. You have to pay some amount to access the course.
Codecademy is an interactive site to learn web programming as well as to teach others to develop web applications. The best features of this site are you can learn coding with your friends, you can join the community and you will be recognized by building a profile with points and badges. This site teaches you Javascript, HTML/CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, API’s etc. And also it’s a best platform for those who want to teach web development.
Echo Echo is another great website that provides tutorials on Page Building(HTML, CSS, Javascript, DHTML, XML) , Component Building (graphics programs, design, flash, Java) and Server Programming (ASP, Cold Fusion, PERL, PHP, SSI). This site has a huge collection of web languages for those who want to start coding.
Sitepoint is mainly designed for web professionals. The reason why I suggest this site is it has a huge collection of high quality tutorials and educational products. The site is provided one vibrant forum to discuss many topics and question and answers related to website development.
Tutorials Point is another amazing site for people those who are enthusiastic to learn web development. This site covers tutorials on Python, C/C++, Pascal, Ruby, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP, Ajax, HTML and XHTML, HTTP Protocol and many other languages. The specialty of this site is the teaching style is a simple and easy way.

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