Benefits of tableless design

In the past Websites were created using HTML which makes use of transparent tables, nested within others. Recently CSS have been developed. Though this type of design positions HTML elements on a page, it does so in a tableles fashion. There are numerous benefits to this form of page layout.


CSS tableless layouts do not and therefore have fewer tags and simpler code.

Browser Compatibility

all major browsers are compatible with CSS layouts, anywhere in the world will be able to access your site.


A table based layout requires an experienced HTML editor and a great deal of time and effort. The simplicity of CSS means that all the layout information can be found in one place and the pages are less cluttered. It separates content from presentation, thereby it is easier to update and maintain.


It is generally accepted that because CSS is simpler and lighter on code, it performs better. This means that it runs faster and uses less bandwidth.

User friendliness

Nowadays many people access internet by using mobile phones and PDA’s. These devices find it easier to access sites with tableless design. In addition, the format is more compatible with screen readers. Tableless design also converts and provides layouts for print that exclude advertising or navigation elements.


As CSS tableless designs use fewer tags, the ratio of content to code is higher. This is favorable to search engines and will help you to optimize your site.


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